trials with renoise

second renoise track i feel like sharing. based on my trials and tribulations learning what the heck i’m doing,

Surely it has very interesting elements and nice composition. The only thing currently is that you totally over maximized the song and there is pretty prominent resonance at high mids, which makes a listening kind of difficult. Maximization only works okish if your overall mix is pretty bassy. I don’t mean the resonances inside the sounds, thats a nice stylistic element, but overall. Also the sounds squash around each other, that is ugly. Maybe reupload without such overdone compression? Maybe as a tipp, for a start, don’t do anything on master yet, only do little compression if all, and instead try to design the dynamics of the sounds directly in the generators using adsr and filters.

This is the best response I could have hoped for. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and write that up.

I have been struggling with creating an acceptable final mix. I found this thread:
Which lead to this article:

I used the outline in the article for my attempt at “mastering.”

I had a lot of individual compressors on sounds and ended up removing many of them to go for the parallel multiband compression route. Of course that includes the maximizer on the master. :slight_smile: I am humbled that you could recognize that maximizer right off the bat.

Again, thank you, and I will give what you have suggested a go and reupload in the hope of getting more feedback.

Also, this is a different track that I didn’t use the multiband parallel compression or a maximizer. I did this one with my own rudimentary ear. Wonder if it’s any better? Worse? Different pitfalls? :slight_smile:

I find the second track pretty audible and enjoyable, I like the drum transients and do not hear obvious resonances. Did you use a stereo splitter on master? I would remove it. Your kick(?) is pretty unstable and not audible. So for this song, I would say, work on the bass and kick. They need to be separated clearly. Such a deep frequency doesn’t work for a kick. Still not sure if it is meant as a subbass, kick or bass though :slight_smile: Also the bass fundamental frequency is a bit weak to my ears. If the kick and bass frequency is similar and layered sometimes, always use sidechaining/ducking, if will heavily increase separation of both, too. Good bass is 60hz to 300hz or so. Everything else is evil for a bass.

The kick is indeed the lowest tune setting I have used on that drum machine. I finally pulled my head out and started sampling sounds into renoise to make use of dedicated tracks for each drum sound. So replacing the kick with a higher tuned sample will be easy.

I did not use a stereo splitter on the master, just a bus comp and reverb as I recall. I’ll have to check.

I did use ducking via signal follower (or key tracker?) On the kick attached to gainer on the bass. I don’t really know how many dB it should be ducking the bass, but it’s around -1.5dB. I will work on further separation and bringing out the bass.

You have given me so much information and assistance. Thank you.