trimming from sample_buffer

I’m working on a tool that trims of start + end of samples.

It seems there’s no way to remove part of a sample_buffer (like if I select a portion of a sample in renoise GUI and hit “delete”).

This means I have to make a new sample_buffer, copy all relevant sample information, and ( most anoyingly ) copy all settings (name, loop info, tuning and sample mapping) from the original to the new one, then delete the original.

This is 1) very cumbersome and 2) asking for trouble (even if I’m lucky to get everything copied correctly, the next renoise version will likely break my tool)

Please tell me there’s a brighter way of handling this :smashed:

sure you’re not duplicating this tool, which uses sox to do similar trimming among other things;

…not that I wouldn’t mind a native solution :slight_smile:

Yeah, what I’m doing can’t be done with sox…