Triplets & 15/4

Hi having a good old time making up beats in Renoise, the only problem is I don’t have any music theory for breaking up time signatures in beats…(sorry) I was wondering how would I program triplets in 15/4 (I’m using 200 bpm at speed 5) I’m using 60 parts instead of 64 on 4/4, I know this is wrong or too short but its so I don’t get lost prgramming the beats, so anyone have any ideas or know where I can pick up some good info on how to breakdown time signatures properly. (by the way the beats I’m coming up with seem to work really well but I can’t really tell how to break the beats down into 16ths, 32nds etc…)
I know this is totally an odd request but any opinions would be really appreciated.

first of all, using 5 as speed is not a good choice because it is a prime number, then it cannot be divided in case you need more resolution.

I understand that for your time signature speed 5 could make more sense but, if you can, I suggest you to switch to speed 6 / BPM 167.

At speed 6, everything becomes easier since you will have 6 ticks for each row, and triplets become immediate.

What I don’t get fully in your description is if you have 4 beats consisting of 15 rows in your 60 rows pattern, or 15 beats of 4 rows each.

In the first case, the solution is obvious because you only have to put one note every 5 rows to obtain triplets, to I assume the second case is true.

A speed 5 this cannot be solved correctly because you will have 5*4=20 ticks for beat, which canot be divided by 3 giving an integer result (no remainder).

Switching to speed 6, you will be able to obtain triples by putting a note each 8 ticks:

row 00, ticks 00--05: C-4 01 ---  
row 01, ticks 06--11: C-4 01 D02 => delays the note by 2 ticks => tick 08  
row 02, ticks 12--17: C-4 01 D04 => delays the note by 4 ticks => tick 16  
row 03, ticks 18--23: --- -- ---  

if you need triplets only in some parts of the song, you could even switch to speed 6 only where needed:

--- -- -- F106 F0A7 => speed 6, spped 167  

then go back to 5/200

--- -- -- F105 F0C8 => speed 5, spped 200  

let me know if this solves your question.

Maybe not but you can make very original songs with this speed :D (Even though it makes most plugins freak out andCrash Renoise :P)

Cheers for the reply I will try that out, will let you know how I get on with it! What do you think about doubling the BPm as a solution to 400? I know it’s not a very sensible one but I might try that out too. I’m only getting to grips very slowly with renoise but i really love how flexible it lets you make the structure of a piece, anywho one step at a time I suppose… I must find some material how to break down music timing wise as my logic isn’t very logical. hey tanks again!!

doubling the speed does double your resolution, so you could step program alot of the detailed hits yo want on the thirds but, you’re still going to have issues with bpm compatibility and retrigger effects (if you use them)

unless you have a quabalistic attachment to running your patterns at speed 5 i would advise you to use something that doesn’t mind being divided into smaller chunks.

a drawback of setting BPM to 400 is that you cannot set BPM to anything more than 255 via pattern effects, since F0xx can only range from 00 to FF of course.

if you plan to sitck to 400 BPM during the entire song, then your solution is fine.

Thanks folks! Well I suppose I will have to start applying some logic to the madness… hey Florian the only reason I’m using speed 5 is because it’s what I started with, so what way does the speed affect the BPMs? as in what ratio does it increase/decrease BPMs at (Not sure how else to phrase it)? There just seems to be lots of details I haven’t encountered before, nice and interesting things to be finding out of course! thanks again!

You might want to check out this little topic about speed/bpm:

the ‘frame’ or ‘tick’ is a tracker’s most basic unit of time. tracker’s assign a given number of frames to each row. your ‘tempo’ is roughly how many frames are parsed per second. the ‘speed’ is how many frames elapse before the tracker moves to the next row.

trackers are set up by default so that tempo/speed*6=‘beats per minute’

because of this, at speed 6, tempo=bpm.

Cool, thanks folks for that, and dby thanks for the link will defo check it out, thanks again folks for the help much appreciated!