Tutorial Breakcore .mod, .med, .rns, .it, .xm

Hello all,

I have been using renoise for about two years now and feel as though I am making decent progress with beat slicing, effect commands etc. What I feel that i am struggling with however is the little “tricks” you kind of figure out on your own that aren’t in the manual. An example might be setting the loop points of a sample to a frequency that coincides with eighth notes of the tempo of the song. This I figured out on my own, but the downfall to this is that when you play a note on a different pitch, the frequency is different and doesn’t cycle on the eighth note anymore. Solution being I suppose, to re sample each individual note and give them each their own loop points.

Another thing I struggle with is choosing sounds to use. As soon as I use a lead synth of some sort it turns into this long melody, probably because I studied classical music in school, but this is not what I’m going for. I know there is know rule of thumb, but I am trying to get a more breakcore, Venetian Snares, Doormouse type of element in my work. So…I know this is probably a long shot but I am asking any caring soul who might be willing to help to either post or e mail me .MED, .MOD, .RNS, .etc files that might be applicable here. The way I learned to really chop beats was by studying old jungle mods on aminet and I feel I could learn more if only I could find more tracks to study. I realize this is asking a lot, for most people probably fear being copied or what not but I promise this is for my own educational purpose only and if people would like to delete patterns so I don’t have complete songs that would be fine too. What I am looking for here is technique and application. If anyone is interested in where I’m at in my composition currently, I have a few tracks on my myspace page at:

The tracks Jungle7, Be excited, and Wet your pants are probably my best attempts at the Breakcore.

My e mail is fayevictus1@aol.com

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Brett (ordrokhaotic)


plz: http://abrexxes.palib.info/stuff/mod.zip

But use first modplug ( http://www.modplug.com/ ) to check them out.
Renoise makes to many errors with alle the E. commands. (sorry guys)

And a little rns file from an XM file


PS: For experts : file contains alcatraz/redsector/tip&mantronix… ;)

Hey plaid83…

I dont suppose you want to split your post into paragraphs do you? I am having trouble reading it! :)

The best tips I can give you are to make as many rendered loops of pieces of your music as possible with different combinations of effects and tracks, then start mixing and matching them.

Also, generous usages of 9xx, B00/B01, 4xx and 1xx and 2xx are essential. :)

When you render your loops inside renoise, do NOT check the ‘beatfit’ option so that you can do things like a rising snare fill. :)

Will post an example song tomorrow or something…

Sorry for the reply being a day late, but here’s a couple of old examples…

I assume this is the style you mean…maybe you meant drill and bass or something…genre names are quite ambiguous nowdays, anyway…i think for electronic music, it should be these 3:

techno (to include trance and dance and ANYTHING with 4 to the floor)
dnb (anything with breakbeats)
and electronic (anything that isn’t specifically covered by the other two, such as ambient and noise)

just my opinion…
anyway, the files are here:

This, quite frankly, abuses stevie wonder.

This one, though, abuses snoop dog…as he verbally abuses you. Parenal discression advised.

Any questions, toss 'em back in the thread.

For some reason these don’t work in renoise for me. I have never seen .xrns files before, Renoise always saves files as .rns. Is .xrns an old file type?

Well I found out .xrns is actually new and I have been saving my tracks as .xrns all along. Despite this, renoise tells me that these files are corrupt. Do they work for you?? I am running 1.8 final.


Haha. f****ing quality!

All done on less tracks that I use just for my kick drum!!!



@plaid83… How are you trying to load them in? You are selecting ‘Open Song’ on the menu bar at the top aren’t you?

They work fine for me…

I got them to work. It was just that I was downloading them over a shitty internet connection. When I used my school connection they worked fine.
These are great and kind of what I was talking about, but I’m looking for something a little more advanced. I already understand how to chop/ slice, rerender, etc. What I was shooting for was two fold.
One, was how breakcore artists such as Xanopticon make these beats that sound like sampled Breakbeats, but if listened to very closely, or slowed down like I like to do to analyze them, they are a series of processed drums and buzzes or whatever, but they flow like a real drummer. If I just take oneshots of different processed drums and try to program a beat with them they don’t flow like a real drummer at all.
An example might be a processed snare. If it occurs twice in a loop, like in a boom chick boom chick pattern, it sounds very fake. I have been able to achieve a better result by using two different snares, or twiddling with velocities, but this still is nowhere near what I am shooting for. I read an article with venetian snares where he admitted taking breakbeat loops in soundforge and muting all the slices and replacing them with other sounds. Has anyone had any luck with this technique? Does anyone have any examples? I’ve never really had any luck with it.
Second, I am looking for in particular, how people handle other sounds like bass and synth sounds. Sample a one shot and retrigger at different pitches? If you try to do growling bass line with a woww woowww type of thing doing that, it sounds really fake. So do you program a whole phrase like four measures and sample that? I hope I’m making sense. I wish I new how to post examples or I would. Thanks for all those who are trying to help.



hseiken, I think you may have been right on the Drill 'n Bass. I consider it the same as Breakcore for the most part. I’m looking to keep the feel of breaks like the amen but extend tonality using other sounds.

plaid- to make the snare sound ‘different’ for each hit, try the following:

1 Pick a sampled beat that is kind of long or has many snares in it
2 When playing back those snares alternate them and slighty adjust volume, offset and pitch (the pitch should not vary more than 1/2 step on keyscale)

If you’re wanting rolls of snares to sound like a real roll, be sure you set the tpb low so that you can alter each hit because retrigger won’t sound right. I’ve got an old .it file that demonstrates it if you want to look at it to see what I mean, but it doesn’t playback correctly in renoise.

What do you mean by tpb? I’d love to take a look at the .it file. Will it at least play the snare parts you are talking about right?

TPB means Ticks Per Beat.

I usually set it for 3.

Saw a venetian snares video and that mofo sets tpb to 1. ;)

Are you talking about the vache video? He wrote on another forum that it was speed 3 with a tempo of 447.

Ah…okay…it was going so fast, I assumed it would be 1tpb.

there’s a nifty .rns file at this link:

they recreated a snippet of “Vache”, with the original in the first track, panned hard left, and the reproduction in the other tracks. it’s mainly just amen snare hits, but it’s cool to see how it’s put together at those speeds. got it from this thread here

Actually, this is a .rns of a remake of the track F*** toronto jungle off of his 2370894 album. I already have it but thanks. The thing about it though is that it only shows the drums in the first like 45 secs of the song. Drums aren’t really my problem as much as all of the other sounds although like I said earlier in the thread, I am also looking for ways of extending tonality using other breakbeat like patterns with other sounds, i.e processed drums.

I am still looking for someone who could possibly explain the breakbeatish sounds of xanopticons tracks. They sound like drum breaks, but when slowed down and analyzed are not just an amen with some distortion or other effect, but rather seem like completely unique drum sounds placed in some sort of breakbeat.

Two different versions…xrns version = deleted samples.
.it version is original file. Please view using modplug or schismtracker or xmplay for best playback. The xrns version is close on the drums, but not close enough…

Here’s the links.