Vsnares On Renoise

found this over at watmm.


hi aaron! :)


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nice one.

Exellent. :)

Wish more producers would do this, film their track I mean. Feels almost like watching a speedrun, boring for many, exellent for the interested!

Any chance of the .rns? :D

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After watching this, it kinda remembered me when people started using double speed modes on the c64. And of course those demo’s that where ment to be played on NTSC machines prrrt prrrt wheeeeeeee ;)

remided me of watching someones beatbattle entry…forget who’s…
that one that was 450something bpm at speed 3…god knows I’d rather find another way to place my notes that accurately, was starting to get a headache just watching it once ;)
A+ on the pretty-friggin-cool-o-meter though, thanks for that

this proofs, he did it in renoise…
the needed skill for control and overview diveded by his frequent released high-quality stuff verifies him as tracker- leet member.
imo, within a few years he has become a genius of timing/groove
(and surely more)

thanks for sharing

That would be BotB’s. Love just about all the stuff I’ve heard from him :D

agree, i love what botb is doing too!
there’s some talent going around here.


that is the first bit of my first ever renoise jam, aug 11 2004, been hooked ever since!

any chance of sharing the rest of it?

I was in the midst of enjoyment when the video ended… :(

it looks like we have to wait



I call “publicity stunt” :P


Here is an emulation of the module- nowhere near what we saw in the video (not complete)…
but it gives a good idea of how it’s done…


track 00 (or vsnares) as chunks of of the rendered stuff that snares did panned hard left, all the other tracks are emulating the first)

I hope the man doesn’t get mad that I posted this rns mod.

a “friend” (producer snafu) on myspace says he has the origional rns but wasn’t allowed to share (which I understand- but I think he’s full of sht- always spamming on my pages with stupid sht- sorry snares if he is your buddy, I just find him annoying as hell)-

"my bad, the tempo is actually 448 bpm.

he gave me the original file for it as he was just testing out his new digi cam. . . i am not aloud to share it =/

sorry kids"- doa boards.

if the emulation is a problem, I’ll edit my post and cut the link- I mentioned snafu cause if you didn’t want him to share the origional, then maybe your not cool with an emu?).


ha! nice work Louis.

HA!- look who’s talking…

if i remember right its done by minikomi.
an early buzz-soldier …
old topic

actually I think it’s a guy who calls himself meatsock- unless they are the same person or he was at some point a part of the anti music workshop… look at the parent directory from the link I posted and it will give you a link to discogs…

f**** torronto jungle is amazing. But there’s just Amen used in this track. It would be much interesting to see how he mixes or layers several drum breaks to get these powerful and chaotic drum pattern like those of winnipeg is a frozen shithole :yeah:

one exemple, please :unsure: