Twitter - Drop Your Addy Here

…cuss stalking is pretty cool.

btw, please don’t discuss the usefulness of twitter in here. only addy’s please. thanks

Although I mostly tweet in Estonian.

Felix Petrescu aka waka x aka makunouchi bento

Hey! Welcome to the forum! Can’t help myself, I R fan of your work :)

I’ll give it a go!

Interesting article:…-in-theory.html

don’t do shit with it, but linked my soundcloud account to it for what that is worth.

I mostly RT.

edit: OW. Old Topic.

Dormant/dead… because I’d much rather have RSS feeds for folders with my custom CMS thingy. I thought about using the twitter API to post updates music updates to twitter automatically, but frankly, I’m not sure if it’s worth it. While twitter is popular, so are newsfeed clients, and it’s sooo much simpler to code. Plus, I just don’t get twitter haha. (sorry, that wasn’t mean to derail, I’m just thinking a lot about these things currently and have to use every opportunity I get to think aloud ^^)


I generally post in English. Unless I get totally mental… then I just post whatever goes out of my brain. Spanish expletives and onomatopoeias and whatever :w00t:

Luckily it doesn’t happen too often ;)

** NEW Twitter address **

done*! highly recommended:

*well okay… more like “hacked together to see if it actually works” haha, but yay was that easy (after I found a tutorial that wasn’t broken, that is)!

now all I need is to really think about how to do this properly (with OAuth even bleah) and associate blog pages, link categories, newsfeeds and file folders with twitter (and wordpress et al?) accounts and the spam can begin ^^ or rather, the actual doing of stuff instead of just find out how to best fling it around the web lulz.

now I wonder how long it will take until I fuck something up, and something that really should not be posted publically finds its way to Twitter, and from there to facebook, myspace, VIRB and whatnot (I tend to just set these things up and then forget about them uhh) :unsure:

edit: this is starting to scare me already. oh what are we getting ourselves into? BACK TO THE TREES BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!! :blink: