Two Chiptunes

Finally got around to post these two tunes. I made these for the 8-bit megaman compo last year. Sadly the compo did die, but anyhow here is my entries.



These really arent very megamanish, but i guess that really doesnt matter anymore.

ps. those song names really show off my creativity ;)

Sounds great! I hate to be racist, but these tunes just go to show you that the best chip/demo/keygen music comes out of Nordic countries.

Great tunes, especially the second one. Could you describe how you create those songs ? VST plugins, synths, or whatever ?


I think thats because demoscene was pretty strong here in the late 80’s and 90’s.

I used the template song that was given in this compo 8bit megaman compo and followed the guidelines. So no vst or synths, just allowed native fx. I guess i could post the xrns, but i would not hold my breath while waiting, as it took me a year just to post those mp3:s :D .

Absolutely love them, definitely among some of the better chiptunes I’ve heard :D.

fun chip tunes, like the second one best.