Two Tool Ideas

Two ideas for tools in Renoise;

SIMPLE: A grid in the sample editor that is divided into fractions of the whole sample - this would make judging the correct speed of loops easier.

??? - Make selected instruments in key - restricting the notes for certain instruments to ensure the song is kept in the same key. This would be immense!

How feasible are these ideas??

From GitHub - renoise/xrnx: The official Renoise Lua Scripting repository

If I understand this correctly you’d need to create your own sample editor for this.

Thanks for the response; the txt introduction is good, am I right in thinking “Custom graphical user interface elements” are what I need for the first one?

Is the in-key editing feasible by restricting the trigger of a note from the keyboard?

  • another thing came to mind; when you make custom envelopes for an instrument, is it possible to display the numbers relative to BPM? They are always in milliseconds, which is useful but not easy to get things bang on for large envelopes.

Dunno if this is what you want, but you can right mouse click the top & bottom row in the sample editor to change divisions. Sounds like you need to change it to beats so you can judge the length of a sample compared to the amount of beats in the pattern editor?

Interesting! So you silence, block certain notes from playing? This wouldn’t for imported samples that aren’t tuned correctly.

You can use tap tempo tool, beatsync from samples, etc. If you sampled from a record but not a perfect loop you just adjust the loop points and check with your ear(s).
I just had a idea for a “set song tempo from sample length” tool tho but I think it’s been done, dblue, It-Alien??

You can look at the scl to xrni tool. If you duplicate sample 128 times and make mappings for one note long (all with root note still at C-4) - then remove the keys you don’t want. Check out Scale Finder tool too (for chords).

What above and beyond the current Ruler options do you want? Sxx will give you it into 256 equal divisions (close to your actual request) or you can set it to Beats, then you can see if the hits land on the beat markers quite easy already.

Multiple Keyzones would be the way to do it (for sampled instruments at least.) Just remove the keyzones for any notes you don’t want to be triggered or recorded. (Actually I can’t remember if I had to use different Channels to stop notes being recorded into the pattern, via MIDI, when setting up pads to play mixtures of different drums into different tracks a while ago…)

This is true; the ‘unavailable notes’ would still be recorded into pattern.

Thanks, yeah I know you can alter the divisions. It`s a small change that would help sync up loops with different velocities, instead of maximizing the amplitude magnification every time.

Yeah that`s it…its something I have thought about for a long time. re tuning: New Tool (3.0): Easy Tune

Cool, sounds like a good place to start. I`ll see what I can come up with

Hey, Scale Mapper will do this, but it only works on sample based instruments.

It doesn’t block ‘out of key’ notes but instead plays the nearest ‘in key’ note, should do the trick?

WOW, that`s pretty much it! I had this tool but I thought it was for applying to a track/pattern after recording. I didn’t know it was for instruments! Great, thanks.

Yep, it creates a keyzone for each key and each one is tuned individually, hope you have fun with it!