u-he plugins are coming to Linux


Urs kindly offered me to port his plugins to Linux and we now starting some initial testing with Podolski.

I invite you to download Podolski for Linux and participate in the test at http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?uid=305795&f=31&t=419984&start=0#p5869292

Thanks a lot, and I hop that you’ll enjoy it!


Awesome news!

Wicked! I’m going to have a go at it!


marvelous news

I installed the plugin using install.sh on Mint 17 64bit.

the folder .u-he was made in my home folder and also the u-he folder in .vst (which include podolski.so)

when I start renoise and scan for new vsts the new podolski plugin isn’t listed.

Tom, you need to export VST_PATH before starting renoise.

For exemple I have in my ~/.bashrc:

export VST_PATH="/usr/lib/vst:$HOME/.vst"

And then I start renoise from the shell.

It seems that Bazille (the new synth from U-He) will also be available for Linux :http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=421502&start=45#p5891324

A “very good chance” for Bazille to get ported to Linux sounds indeed very promising. I just bought a Bazille license the other day since the intro offer was just too tempting (and u-he never has sales, so this is as cheap as I can get it). It is a lot of fun so far, too!

Yes it is coming to Linux :wink:

Great news,Alexandre! So, everyone should buy Bazille while it’s still cheap! :slight_smile:

Haven’t used Podolski but I love Zebra, ACE, and Bazille, Urs makes great synths. Good news for Linux users

A dream come true !


Hm Linux seems to become more and more interesting for audio production… But I still do not see any advantage over OSX, which can be quite easily installed on most recent PC hardwares (and is free). OSX has the stability of Linux plus CoreAudio plus incredible midi capabilities plus most of major companies’ plugins.

Can you explain to me why you stay with Linux for music production? It would be great if I could better understand the reasons for this… Because it is free of bloatware and open source, so a “political” reason?

Jurek: I have old macbook from 2008. Everything was slow even with newly instaled Snow Leopard.
I got rid of it and installed Linux, everything is fast now, LOL.
And i have jack, so i can route any output to any input. So i just connect Youtube to renoise, recording in renoise and looking at some weird videos if i can find any interesting sample :-).
Or sometimes i just play some game and shooting rhytmically into the wall :smiley:

And i also limit myself with vst plugins, just few not every freeware out there like with windows or mac…

Jurek, how do you install OSX on a PC or just in Qemu? Is it legal?

Linux is generelly power to tweak, tune, define, modify, your whole operating system at it’s innards and it’s surface to your needs. No real “hidden stuff”, and you can choose and control yourself what’s running and what’s not. And have Options on many things to choose from, mostly for no money at all involved from your side.

Only works if you’re a real nerd with an open mind for such stuff, and enough time to burn to actually learn how. And we all know, software to choose from is either at subpar level (much of the free stuff), or rare. I like to see more and more professionals bring out linux ports of good commercial software. Also hardware/driver support is not always perfect or even not possible at all.

But you have to live with a lot of the free stuff being half-baked or pervertly brainfucked. I actually love that.

For some people the relevant reason might also be ideological, i.e. to boycott the big companies and worship the whole communist-inspired lsd-infused freedom-and-stinky-animals-for-all elitist-hacker all-data-is-our’s stuff. Can be considered…personable.

What absolute nonsense ^^^

It celebrates u-he on linux! :slight_smile:

Jurek, how do you install OSX on a PC or just in Qemu? Is it legal?

It’s a grey zone. I once used expensive Macs, but all hardware was defective one day (iMac logic board defect + Macbook EFI defect) and at the end, I lost lot of money because repairing is not an option in Mac world, it’s too expensive and badly documented (kept as secret). There is a very good boot loader called “clover”, which also features UEFI for recent mainboards and 100% mac hardware emulation (which always was based on EFI, but 100% emulation isn’t needed). If you have standard intel components, changes are high that you even will find a thread where someone already configured everything in the boot loader for your hardware. Very often a boot into OSX will work out of the box without configuration today. If you are familiar with Linux installation, I bet you won’t have any problems to setup a clover boot loader. Lot of things also work like in Linux. Same terminal commands, launch daemons etc.

Also the nice thing in OSX, you can move your one and only installation from computer to computer. I still use the same configuration from my 2007 iMac (updated it to 10.9.4 lately). Moved from iMac to AMD pc to Core2Quad to Core i7 :slight_smile: There is no ugly Windows-like registry stuff. This is such a time-saving ease for me (remembering installation orgies with Windows… :frowning: )

And i have jack, so i can route any output to any input.

Jack is available on OSX, too.