U-he synths problem in renoise 2.81

I downloaded new free synth Podolski and new Bazzile beta from u-he and have a problem: when I trying render selection to sample, renoise render only few miliseconds of sound, rest is a silence. When rendering few notes, second note rendering normal. Older renoise 2.1 does not have this problem, all works fine.

Perhaps try to disable the “Auto-suspend” option in the plugin options [?] Or change the static buffering checkbox there.

I tried, nothing happened :huh:

I just downloaded this, to check the behavior out… erm, “I agree,” this is totally broken. However, its likely a bug on Urs’ end, as every other synth, does this without issue.

Btw, what a great sounding free Podolski is…

If you email U-He, I am sure they will sort this out. Urs likes to look after his synths…

You should try the 32bit… Have you tried the 32bit Podolski? I only installed the 64bit vst2. I’m curious about the 32bit, but I’ve already deleted that zip folder… so…

I have seen Diva act like that when not receiving regular note-off messages. Maybe it was an old version or only certain patches, I don’t recall very well what was going on, but I do remember it happening and it was like the envelopes didn’t start again. Seems likely to happen in Renoise too since note-offs are not mandatory? Doesn’t exactly fit your symptoms, but I thought I would mention it, anyway.

Sounds a bit like a problem I had
I never found the solution but maybe this’ll work for you.

I use 32 bit plugins. Plugin grabber works fine. Trying render in OpenMPT, results the same :(. Seems to be reported U-he.

Did you tried it in 32-bit Renoise or 64-bit Renoise, if it is bridged, it might be a bridging problem the plugin doesn’t seem capable to handle.
There are also 32-bit plugins that don’t work fine in Windows 64-bit environments regardless if the host is 32-bit or not. (SaxiPlayer is one of the plugins that quit on me in a 64-bit environment)

I went back to older Bazille and delete Podolski