UI glitch on Massive X (& inst names not showing on that or Reaktor 6)

Hi there

I’m on Renoise 3.2.1 on Windows 7 on an i7 Thinkpad T520.

I just updated to Komplete 12 Ultimate, which includes Massive X. Most of the NI plugins look/work great in Renoise, but for some reason the display on Massive X is glitching badly:

massive x

I tried the fix on this post, but unfortunately the “Gui compatibility options” pane doesn’t display for me in my Plugin options box, so I’m not seeing the “Auto-scale external editor on HiDPI screens” option:

plug prefs

Perhaps it because I’m on an older machine with Windows 7 that this doesn’t display for me, who knows. Whatever the reason, is there a workaround so that I can use Massive X in Renoise without it glitching?

Also, the instrument names aren’t displaying in the instrument selector panel for Massive X and Reaktor 6. It shows that I’m using that plugin, but just displays “empty” or “none” after the plugin name even though I am selecting instruments within those plugins. See what I mean here (the correct behaviour can be seen for the Battery 4 and BassLine plugins):


The song happily reloads with the correct instruments upon closing and reopening, it just doesn’t display the instrument on the selector panel in Renoise. A bit of a pain if I have several instances of Reaktor or Massive running, though I appreciate I can just rename them one-by-one.

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Looks like NI has some trouble with the graphics drivers on Windows 7, I think all you can do is keep updating your software and hope they can fix it soon :disappointed:

Funny “coincidence” that NI plugins do not seem to work on Macs using nvidias external graphics driver (which does not work on 10.14++ anymore anyway btw).

Looks to me that NI has massive problems to properly keep their plugins up-to-date and instead publishing tons of “cheapware” like sample collections, reaktor ensembles and so on. The end of NI?

I think NI is in for an overhaul starting this year and then they’ll step it up going forward and not necessarily in a good way as they clearly dance around a subscription model, that’s something I will never subscribe to, the zero income from music just doesn’t warrant that, it may work for successful musicians but how many are there of them?

Oh there’s a bit of relevant nugget in below post… med3.21 have you tried do this:
“Flat themes, which increase compatibility with older graphic cards”

Thank you - switching Massive X to one of the Flat themes solved the glitching display issue - looking decent now - see below. Still not seeing instrument names in the instrument browser in Renoise though, as mentioned above.


That would be a shame if they switch to the subscription model. Presumably if I’ve thrown hundreds of pounds at Komplete over the years I wouldn’t be expected to pony up in order to keep using it? A question for the NI forums perhaps.

Many thanks for your help!

We don’t know yet whether they switch to the subscription model, but every company that has done it earns much more money so this is the way for big companies I am afraid. I think they’ll do it and will do it like Waves is doing it, you’ll keep getting using your old products but any new product and major updates will be for those who subscribe. Let’s see and hope not.

Actually this happens with many plugins such as Spire, Serum, Hive, Z3ta… Sylenth is one of few where it works.

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