Undo Functionality

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Is there a reason why the undo function now acts outside of its patternstance?
ie, in 1.5.2, each pattern was assigned its own cache of undo history, you could undo the changes to one pattern as if they were seperate documents. Perhaps this was seen as a limitation by some…? I found it incredibly useful, in that I could program large numbers of “experiment” patterns, and be able to backtrack through each one individually, and in a sense keep my focus entirely on the pattern I’m working on rather than have to remember and keep track of the entire document…I can see the usefulness of this for long keyboard recordings etc, but perhaps have this as a switchable option? perhaps it is already…?
Another thing perhaps worth mentioning is that when you hit the undo command, it no longer switches focus to the point of the undo. This can be dangerous for my way of thinking: if I forget that, for instance, in amongst the last 20-odd things I wanted to undo in frustration, there was a note I put in that I really wanted to be there right down the bottom in another pattern…it would be removed without even bringing my attention to that pattern, causing confusion further down the track. (just happened then…)
I can see other potential issues with this as well

It would be nice, at least, for an option to enable the active position switching to the last undone item upon undo, or have this as the permanent default like before


There are a few reactions about this behaviour of complete undo, specially regarding the amount of levels you have to undo if you would like to undo a specific sample or pattern cut you have done 20 actions ago.
The current way of undo counts for everything in Renoise, including loading of samples and instruments. (actually, what cannot be undone in Renoise?)

I’ve asked Taktik why the undo levels could not be related to the area that has focus (which means global undo in a segmented orientation).
In more or less words :There is no way to split this undo convention to specific areas without doing an enormous amount of work and risking a lot of breakups and bug causes. So if undo is ever going to be segment-related, it won’t be for 1.8.

fair enough…I suspected it would be something intrinsic to the new layout…

Would it be that hard to make it switch focus to the point in the pattern editor for undo-ing pattern commands also? This seems to be more problematic than the first question (because, as you say, you can undo EVERYTHING now…which I like!)
even just a little message down the bottom in the line where tooltips are displayed to say “pattern 5, line 143, column 2 undone” or something, just so I know where I’m at, would have me walking away satisfied…



this is an actual limitation; it used to tell you what was being undone in one way or other…can someone at least respond…

maybe it would be possible to have something like “action list” - history that would store actions and where you could pick what to undo ? something similar I believe I saw in photoshop ?

Done. For later it would indeed be cool to have an “action history” box, but thats nothing which can be done in a hurry.

Yeah like in Photoshop CS2. The undo possibilities in that are superb (just steal the code;))