Undo History List?

one of the things that’s becoming a problem, when your song grows and becomes severely complicated, not being able to see the list of Undo changes.

An example of stuff that frustrates me, I’m a keyboard fanatic, so I hardly use the mouse unless I have to, so sometimes when I’m switching between patterns (Ctrl+up/down) I sometimes hit CTRL+Left/Right and realise only much later I’ve done this.

I know that Undo/Redo can effect not only the pattern editor, but also extends into VST parameters but even a basic detail like “Deleted pattern X” or “VST Parameter change: Guitar Rig” etc; would be really useful!

Unless Renoise has had this all along and I’m a retard, I did do a search :wink:

You could have bumped one of these threads:

but seriously, an undo manager isn’t a bad idea.