Untitled Track Preview

yeh i’m “back”, sorta… been a long time :P

anyway here’s the thing i’d like an opinion on (40s run time) : http://sunofwisdom.net/noname01.mp3
i’m wondering if it’s confusing starting at 35s or if you can hear everything’s fine ? :> (been listening to it too much to tell)

You kinda lost me between 15 and 35s. Liked what was before and after. Didn’t find it at all confusing, but would like to know where you’re going with it. So: longer clip, please.

there you go :)

http://sunofwisdom.net/noname01a.mp3 (1:41)

ps: i looooooove the multicpu support hing :>

ps2: i’m not sure this is trance/dance :) maybe elektro ? baaah whatever :)

The intro felt electro enough, at least the type I’m inclined to listen to. Think it needs more bass for it to be really danceable, but I guess that’s coming.

Again, the parts aren’t melodically in the way of eachother. Oh, I’d like it more if you don’t pull back after the siren-like sound, but rather give it even more lift.

this is trance because the lot of sounds and vsti’s

heh. yah, sounds like trance to me as well, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all. i like the layered synths. it’s a nice effect. interested to see what you’re going to do with this track.

if you get a chance, check out my stuff too here

done, http://sunofwisdom.net/digital%20circus.mp3

call it a “pot pourri” if you will :)