Updates of “parameter is automated” highlights still not always right

This being fixed, the automation highlight updates almost works perfectly. But there’s still a minor problem in both the Automation List and the DSP lane. Video should explain.

It also doesn’t add the extra “automation is present in THIS pattern”-highlight (a yellow icon in my theme) when there’s automation of the relevant parameter in another pattern.
See video. It updates correctly in Track 02 because there’s no automation in other patterns.
But in Track 01 it doesn’t update because there the volume has already been automated in the first pattern.
Just wanted to make it clear. I know it’s a minor issue. But it can be a bit confusing, as it also don’t update corretctly when undoing.

Just a short video showing that the automation status doesn’t update correctly when 1. adding automation (in tracks with automation in other patterns), 2. undoing.

Well hunted!
Actually there are 2 update errors here:

  1. When the user enters the value of the parameter.
  2. When the user enters the amount when the parameter already exists.

In both cases it should update the state of the sliders and your values.