Upgrades Are 50% Off

Splintered from this thread. There seems to be some misinformation…


Regular price: 58 Euro
Regular upgrade: ~47 Euro (20% off)

Beta special price: 40 Euro (30% off)
Beta special upgrade price: 32 Euro (an additional 20% off)

Special price ends when the first Release Candidate is ready. ETA? When it’s done.

About the upgrade algorithm:

All info published on the website and readily available:


Now, is it worth it to upgrade ahead of time? Or stack your license? No one can answer that for you. You have to make your own decision. The best way is to look at the release notes. Sometimes, versions are skipped…

Taking advantage of this special price falls somewhere between “educated guess” and “support for the Renoise developers.”

Good times.

Awesome, just upgraded! :w00t:

i did the upgrade 2 weeks before this announcement. ;(