Usb Controllers

Is anyone using Renoise with a UBS Keyboard or controller?
Just looking for a few recomendations
Something like this might be handy for gigs, for a more ‘live’ feel

And just for fun, just seen at some music show in the US>

I use renoise + a behringer bcr2000 controller.

Never used it live (yet), works great.

I use Edirol PCR-1, works like a charm. Not the best of keyboards but I got it cheap and it’s more compact than anything I’ve seen before.

I have a Behringer BCR2000 (see above), with the latest drivers it runs stable

normally i use a bcf2000 but atm i am playing with this:

and that:

it’s niiiice.

ive got an evolution mk249-c and works good.


I use a M-audio Oxygen 8 midi/usb keyboard & controller, And it works great!:

But, I would like to buy a Novation Remote SL25 :dribble:


As a controller, I use a Casio CTK 691

which is connected through USB with

Edirol UM-EX 1 (I guess)

I have an EMU and it SUCKS at home and live, DO NOT get one :confused:

CME UF6 = my current masterkeyboard
works great, but don’t use the usb driver (yet).

Novation X-station = my live-performance controller
Absolutely great stuff.

Creative prodikeys = the first thing I got
it’s handy but can’t take the keyboard to serious.

MS20 Replica = for tweaking VST.
You don’t want this to be your masterkeyboard.
but the knobs are not bad, makes it perfect for the MS20 VST.
or any similar.

Alesis Photon X = long gone live controller.
Live it should be nice with the lights in the wheels and the XYZ&% infrared controller.
but was too plastic for me, and again the drivers sucked.

Roland AX-1 = Long gone live controller.
It’s really good, but just didn’t feel like dragging this thing around on stage.

Yamaha SHS-10 = Not used anymore, but can’t get rid of it.
probably ment for kids, but has a midi-out, making it well for keyboarding and pitchbending.

I had the same thing… What was the demosong of yours? I taunted my parents with “Last Christmas” :)

yes indeed!
I really freaked out with the demo song, while the main melody (the one that changed sounds) was bendable!

Not to get too far off topic, but…

Dr. Drips, why do you use the CME uf6 for studio and the Novation x-station for live. Couldn’t you use the x-station for both?

I don’t use Renoise live so this is more than enough for me (it’s overkill actually, I love it).

Yes, I would use it for both if I had a version of the X-station with more keys. mine has 25.
then again, the compact size of the X-station makes it easier to drag around with gigs.

The CME has 61 keys, much more convenient while composing in the studio.

I thought about getting 2 versions of the x station (I like it very much) but, I already spent to much money.