User Created Tutorial Competition?

Just a thought really; I’ve looked through all the prepacked tuts, which are very valuable, and thought it’d be nice if there was some sorta crowdsourcing way to milk our collective brain teet and create a number of user created tutorials about topics that we think valuable to know.
I think it’d be super useful and feel like I’d learn more about this program than I thought possible at the time of writing this.

I would opt for a wiki with imbedded videos, but I would want some sensible way to curate content that kept out the dubious stuff (including but not limited to spam).


focused primarily on sound design and some intermediate/advanced usage concepts, but you can check out my video tutorials here: •••Zensphere’s Renoise Tutorials•••

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Wiki thing with video tuts would be insanely cool.

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You are already detected and observed!
Thanks for neat channel.

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