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I am intending to publish a number of Renoise-based production and sound design tutorials on YouTube over the coming weeks, months, and maybe… years?

Hoping to launch with a first video in the coming days, and will post new videos in this thread, and answer any questions, if I can.

Feel free to let me know if you have any ideas or requests for tutorials! I’ll probably be doing a bunch on sample-based sound design using native dsp, as well as focusing on a handful of VSTs as well.




Great idea i will be watching

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OK, got my first video premiering presently!

This will show you how to use a custom doofer to modulate Macros from within an instrument’s FX chain. Super useful for all kinds of sample-based sound design, as well as per-note dsp parameter modulation.

Here’s the doofer: MACRO CONTROL.xrdp (28.9 KB)
Also available on gumroad if you feel like throwing money at me, lol: zensphere999.gumroad.com/l/zlevi

Hope you enjoy and that it’s useful info for you!


An insight of your crazy sound design in renoise, awesome !

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My God how many times i have things like this in my head and dont know how to make them, but now i know.For your first video i say you did an excellent job and i will be waiting for your next one.Consider making a video showing you making an entire track, it would be great to see your thought process.Subscribed


Ok, that’s the most exciting thing I’ve seen in Renoise in a long while. You sir are a legend.

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Off to a fine start …these are great!!

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Thanks for the kind words and feedback, all.

Here is another, showing how we can have some tasty pseudo-FM sounds natively within renoise.

I also show a couple of techniques for generative/random musical sequences

Hope you get something out of it & enjoy!


Oh shit, this is great! I’ve been thinking of doing something like this for quite a while! Commenting to follow and/or …well… make comments.

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Just finished to watch it.
This is so awesome, so many possibilities !

On a side note, I like how psytrance tutorials are often in those two categories :smiley:

  • how to do the kick and the bass in a very engineering way with scopes etc
  • how to do crazy alien sounds
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lol, yes. that’s pretty much it!

Renoise being sample-based is actually pretty great for psy kickbass. nice and stable

And yes, infinite possibilities :slight_smile:

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Your videos are great! Helpful stuff thanks!

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Macros, phrases, creating samples by waveforms. You’re doing all the stuff I will probably never do again, that’s why it’s interesting. You should have done these kind of videos back in the days 25-30 years ago when I was playing around with samples and tried figuring out sound design, it would have been very useful. Thanks for sharing! You’re digging around into topics which are white spots for me regarding Renoise. I’ll keep watching. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! 25-30 years ago I had just gotten my first synthesizer workstation, a yamaha sy85, and started writing electronic tunes… Had a buddy or two messing around with trackers back in the day, but it took me til 2014 to find renoise!


Nice videos! It’s fun to see other people’s workflow. The pseudo FM/pitch modulation video has made me aware of of the looping envelope in Renoise. I don’t know if I ever used the looping function on that envelope before… I think I just designed custom one-shot LFOs, but this is giving me some new ideas. I listened to a bit of your music too and I think I can hear these techniques. Good stuff! Thanks

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new one up!

Looking at the uses of the multi-tap delay dsp for synthesis and its applications as a resonator in sound design

Rezonator doofer available on gumroad, and here:
REZONATOR 1.xrdp (15.2 KB)

Hope you find something useful/informative & enjoy!


I will definitely watch this :slight_smile: Nice theme ! What is it ?


great tutorial, I wasn’t aware of this technique at all !

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Thanks. That resonator is great for adding depth to aggressive/neuro dnb basses

Indeed ! It’s funny because you manage to do advanced creative sound design with renoise, and most videos about the grid in bitwig are in the “default ambient plucks” category. Limitation sparks creativity…

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