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I am intending to publish a number of Renoise-based production and sound design tutorials on YouTube over the coming weeks, months, and maybe… years?

Hoping to launch with a first video in the coming days, and will post new videos in this thread, and answer any questions, if I can.

Feel free to let me know if you have any ideas or requests for tutorials! I’ll probably be doing a bunch on sample-based sound design using native dsp, as well as focusing on a handful of VSTs as well.




Great idea i will be watching

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OK, got my first video premiering presently!

This will show you how to use a custom doofer to modulate Macros from within an instrument’s FX chain. Super useful for all kinds of sample-based sound design, as well as per-note dsp parameter modulation.

Here’s the doofer: MACRO CONTROL.xrdp (28.9 KB)
Also available on gumroad if you feel like throwing money at me, lol: zensphere999.gumroad.com/l/zlevi

Hope you enjoy and that it’s useful info for you!


An insight of your crazy sound design in renoise, awesome !

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My God how many times i have things like this in my head and dont know how to make them, but now i know.For your first video i say you did an excellent job and i will be waiting for your next one.Consider making a video showing you making an entire track, it would be great to see your thought process.Subscribed


Ok, that’s the most exciting thing I’ve seen in Renoise in a long while. You sir are a legend.

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Off to a fine start …these are great!!

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Thanks for the kind words and feedback, all.

Here is another, showing how we can have some tasty pseudo-FM sounds natively within renoise.

I also show a couple of techniques for generative/random musical sequences

Hope you get something out of it & enjoy!


Oh shit, this is great! I’ve been thinking of doing something like this for quite a while! Commenting to follow and/or …well… make comments.

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Just finished to watch it.
This is so awesome, so many possibilities !

On a side note, I like how psytrance tutorials are often in those two categories :smiley:

  • how to do the kick and the bass in a very engineering way with scopes etc
  • how to do crazy alien sounds
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lol, yes. that’s pretty much it!

Renoise being sample-based is actually pretty great for psy kickbass. nice and stable

And yes, infinite possibilities :slight_smile:

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