Using Ableton Live Instruments in Renoise


I am intersted in the way, renoise works as a slave to Ableton Live.
Is it possible to control renoise instruments directly from Live? I’ve tried to use the “External Instrument” device in Live, but it doesn’t give me the option to choose a renoise instrument from the rewired instance (as is the case for Reason).

If I add a midi track in Live, I have the option to send midi to “3-Ext. Instrument”, which should be renoise in this case, but it doesn’t seem to work, as nothing is coming through to renoise.

Am I missing something here?

Just to be clear: I’ve first started Live, the renoise. Renoise is running as a rewire slave. It starts and stops playback synchronized to Live, so the rewire connection is working.


With Live as ReWire Slave & Renoise as Master:

  • Start Renoise
  • Add a #RenoiseIn Device and choose Ableton Live
  • Add a instrument somewhere in a track in Ableton
  • Select Abletons track as MIDI instrument in Renoise -

Alternatively you can also use a virtual MIDI port like MIDI Yoke to control Live when running Renoise as Slave and Ableton as Master.

Using Renoise insturments from Live is not possible, because we currently have no way to route a MIDI device to a specific instrument in Renoise. Something like this would be needed then:

Using renoise as slave is a must at the moment, because Live is an established master in my setup at the moment, as I am also using Reason with Live (which can only be used as a slave).

With MidiYoke, I seem to only be able to control Live from Renoise. But what I’d like to do is the other way around.

I don’t know how familiar you are with Ableton Live. There is a device called “External Instrument”. When you connect Reason to Live using ReWire, you are able to select the Reason device you want to control via midi and the audio bus, from which you want to pick up the sound - all in one track. This is pretty neat and would be awesome, if it’d work with renoise instruments.

Any idea, whether this would be possible somehow?

@edit: oh… just saw you last sentence. This makes it clear (somehow sadly)

Not everyone has access to this subforum…

But basically, this is the general idea:

I do. ^^
But thank you nevertheless for posting it again in this thread. This would indeed be excactly what’s needed.
Huge +1 from me.

Now while thinking about this again:

Let assume we would “publish” all currently assigned/used Renoise instruments via ReWire MIDI ports. Then Renoise would still not “know” where to play them - on which track in Renoise, as you can play an instrument on any track in Renoise. This would only work if we would add another redirection with a new “Meta Device”:

Lets say Renoise is ReWire slaved to Ableton. Then a you could add a “#ReWire MIDI Target” into any track as normal device in Renoise. In this device you only set up the Instrument that should be played by the master. Now in Live you choose this “#ReWire MIDI Target” as MIDI destination.

This would work, but is really far from easy to understand. Further, the question is why you want to play instruments in Renoise via Live or another master? If you want to use a pianoroll this way, why don’t you simply load that sample or VSTi in Live and play it there?

It’s not about the piano roll. It’s about the clips. And renoise for me has still by far the best sampler out there. So it would be great to use it from Live.

I understand the problem, though. How about adding specific rewire settings to an instrument, where you could set the audio bus directly or a send track, so you could use renoise’s built in effects. Using normal tracks would be kindof strange, that’s right.

So my idea would be something like the mockup, vV has posted, but instead of a general midi in settings, it would be called rewire settings. If enabled, renoise would expose the instrument to a rewire master. In addition, you can also set a direct audio bus output, or a send track, if you wish to use effects.

Beware! This is just spontanious brain storming, and it might be heavily flawed. ;)


IMO we should merge all instrument settings into one Master setting for each instrument.
Either it is a sample/vsti/midi based instrument they have a basic common instrument setting.
I guess it is something for the xrni2.
Like this old mockup:

You can shrink/expand it for more options.
You can choose input (rewire midi input in this case) that will control the instrument,
and choose to dedicate the instrument to a track (like you currently can only do with vsti).

Another option is to split midi input/output into new devices you can add to
the ‘Master instrument device-chain’.
So you can add several midi inputs and outputs to each instrument.
And even into different part of the instrument if you have several layers of instruments in one.

I’d like to see this feature implemented so I can use Renoise as a rewire host for applications like Max/MSP or Numerology that can generate dynamic note patterns. This would be useful for something like joining a static sequence playing in Renoise with generative notes from Max/MSP. (This is what I was trying to do when I found this thread)

From what I understand, it should be possible to do this via Rewire- I’m seeing both rewire inputs and outputs in Max/MSP’s MIDI config and so far I’ve experimented with this using Live (as host) and Max/MSP. I would really like to use Renoise to do this instead, because as we all know, Renoise is a great sequencer with a fantastic sampler and sample editor!

I hope I’m not the only one that embarks on projects like this :)

Oh, not at all!
I’d also love to use renoise in combination with pure data. :drummer:

you can marvin.
max has all the rewire stuff built in though but of course it isn’t free.

An update on this- I believe what I’m seeing as far as Max → Live is actually the IAC driver. However, Max/MSP definitely supports ReWire in and out, so I still believe this would be possible.