Using Long Audio Files

I would like to import a long audio file into renoise. It’s over 3 minutes long and I would like to be able to drop it into place and slice it up. The pattern length can only go to 512 and I would like to keep the rmp at 120. Is there a way to drop a track in and have renoise resize patterns accordingly? I’ve never tried working with samples that exceed a pattern before, any ideas?

you’re talking about reversed sync… so instead of a button for adjusting the sample to fit the lines/bpm setup, you’d like a button to adjust the lines/bpm setup to fit the sample. as far as i know, this is not possible. it could be done through scripting, but i’m not aware of such a script. maybe someone with the proper knowledge reading this will chime in?

dblue wrote a script for that:

Sounds great. I’ve installed it but how do I use it? Sorry, I’ve never used any scripts before? Being super lazy here, I’ll have a look in the manual!

assuming you’re using 2.6 and not the 2.7 beta, you download a script and simply drag and drop it into Renoise, which installs it. you then have to find where it went, but i bet you could find that info in the tool description somewhere.

Found it! Nice tool, does the trick perfectly.

And to the next question, although related. I wrote a little script that will splice a piece of audio into x number of parts. I then import these samples and using the above mentioned tool resize my patterns accordingly with one sample per pattern(if there is a way to automate this task please let me know). The issue is that in the mean time I would like to update my original samples but I see that renoise saves all audio data to it’s project file, is this correct? Or perhaps renoise just links to my original files? Is there a way I can update the samples in renoise without having to manually import my new samples all over again?

All audio is always saved in the project file. What updates to the files do you want to do that you can’t do via Renoise? You will either have to do it in Renoise, modify outside, load up Renoise and load the samples back into the project, or rename the xrns to .zip and swap out the audio file in the zip then rename back to .xrns.

I didn’t realise I could rename the xrns file to .zip. That’ll do nicely. Thanks for the help.