using midi keyboard to record pitch bend and modulation wheel

Whats the best way to record a midi keyboard performance, using a midi keyboard, that allows for overdubbing with both pitch bend, modulation wheel, and any other various knobs, so that one knob does not overwrite a different knobs automation?

How does one use for example, a midi keyboard to do that? (without overwriting the pitch bend with the mod wheel, etc)

How would you use something like this (pictured below) to record various parameter automation in your Renoise project?

To point to the answer for recordingpitch-bend and modulation at the same time:

With the CC-controllers it is fairly easy as you can midi map those to specific controller and thus record to automation.

With pitch bend, this is currently a different story in Renoise.

I hope that will change one day, at least that we get the ability to map the pitch-bend to specific controllers as well.

I disable “midi/modwheel recording” (this means renoise won’t write the commands to pattern data) in the preferences, midi map the controllers to some slider in an fx-chain (you can use inst-midi-control for recording pitch bend etc), and record them to automation graphs. Handling is finnicky, though. Once some graph is recorded, you have to clean it to re-record, or values will collide when trying to record again. Also midi recording seems to be fixed at one value per line (high lpb can help with resolution). Pitch bend sucks exceptionally, as the center value won’t give you a 0.5 but something like 0.504 - this can be remapped with a formula device in the chain - and if you can’t config your controller to send a cc with the pitch bend wheel (or aftertouch), you’ll have to use the duplex keyboard application.

I hope renoise gets more love in that regard in the coming versions, also in recording and handling live recorded automation data.

Probably you are in need of Unfortunately + 30 bucks…