Using Renoise Like a Drum Machine

Maybe that’s not the best way to describe it. What I’d like to is load a handful of samples and assign each sample to a different key and to a specific track so that as I record, I can play different samples and have them show up on their own track. Is that possible? Maybe there’s a tool for it? I saw there was a step sequencer out there which kind of accomplishes what I’m talking about, but it looks like it’s no longer being maintained :-/

Cie is still working on the step sequencer.
He also offers a licensed version for the launchpad, so i suspect whatever changes he does to the official version will also be put through the free version…

Oh, OK, I didn’t see it listed in the Renoise v3 tools. It only kind of does what I’d really like though. With a drum machine it’s usually easy to bang on the keys and create patterns and then edit the patterns based on the sample. I don’t see how to do that in Renoise. The closest I can find is making a custom instrument, but you can’t individually mix and process.

Thank you for pointing to the step sequencer, vv :)
A new version of the step sequencer (which is compatible with Renoise 3.0+ and has some new features) is in work currently and will be released most probably early next week. This includes both, the free version as well as the Launchpad version.

The new version 3.1 (both free and Launchpad version) has just been released today.
If you have Renoise 32 bit, please use the 32 bit version on the tools page
If you have Renoise 64 bit, please use the 64 bit version linked in the first post of the step sequencer thread.