Using Renoise To Play A Live Set

Hello, I’m new to Renoise and so far it’s really great, but one feature I was hoping to have was a way to load patterns or songs into Renoise while playing another in real-time. Apparently this is possible in Ableton Live (never used it myself) but I’d rather not buy a copy of Live if this can somehow be done in Renoise (I’m trying to keep my setup simple, with as little software as possible).

Any suggestions?

Loading or saving separate patterns or loading additional songs is not supported.
You could open up two Renoise sessions and load songs in the other one and then copy patterns from it over to your live session.

When turning follow mode off you can play one sequence while browsing to another location using the detached sequencer toggle in the preferences.

See also Live Performance Brainstorming

OK, thanks for the suggestions! I suppose that if I were using only a limited collection of instruments which were consistent across all tracks of a set, I could have a very large number of patterns…