Va- Interface Vol. 2 Released

Just like the first compilation, the second release concentrates on various dark music genres. Streaming preview and downloads in MP3 and FLAC format available here:

LOL @ hoi lul!

nice compilation!

Thanks charly! :D

I’ve added an OGG version to the download links for those who prefer a smaller download.

I’ve listened to the compilation some days ago, good stuff (and i need to listen to it again), as I know Phllow from another forum where he posted about the compilation…

I’ve been surprised to see your name on the tracklist ! :)

Yes, he makes really good tracks, which i’m liking too a lot.

Well, i had 2 songs released on the first Interface compilation and also appeared on a small remix EP for Skin Contact together with Phllox. Basically Papal-Yuga Records is just a bunch of people derived from the old Independent Dark Electronics group. Mainly founded due to inactivity of the old group leader.