Vereiser Skins

Here are 8 skins/themes I created 3 days long for my favourite tracker.
My favourite skin I created is the “Syndicate” skin.

Download Vereiser Skins >>

Black & White

Lost in Space

On the Beach

Renoise Default

Renoise Noble



Yellow Submarine

Some new skins are included in the archive. Copy the rar archive into the root folder of your renoise installation folder and extract it.

Hope you have fun with the skins.

Criticism is very welcome.
If there is cool suggestion for a skin, I will do my best to realize that idea, if it is fine for me too.

Cool :)

There’s already a thread for this… But great anyway :)

Themes for renoise thread

robotrobot takes a puff from his cigar

You got some nice skins there, vereiser…some nice skins.

Renoise noble is my favorite.

“Lost in Space” is obviously as “Space Pigs” (FT2) reference, right? :)

Great job, even though I think the background texture in Syndicate - while looking good in itself - gets a bit too much in the foreground. Clutters the UI more than the Timber or Space textures.

Renoise Noble and Renoise Default would/will probably be the ones with the most staying power, judging by the previews.

No that is not right, but funny to read you associate with good old Fasttracker ][.

Thanx. I think you are right. 'Will check it.

I made Renoise Noble using the color sheme of the website, mainly the logo picture on the top of this site,
for Renoise Default I used the color sheme of the renoise loading screen. Thats why the skins have their names.

Thanx to all for your laud. :slight_smile:
I think there will come some skins more.

Nice work, thanks for sharing