Vertical Waves

It would be fantastic if you could put a vertical waveform on a track type, for external sources or a long wave when you record.
The quantisation could be defined in relation to the ticks for beat, and the waveform could be zoomed enlarging also the gap between one note to another, so that the sync can be manually made without switching between a visualisation and the track page.
Please do this, it’s the Paradigm Shift that can really make ReNoise the best software all-around.


Gotta agree, this feature would be AWESOME!!!

Are you reffering to being able to record samples realtime while your song is playing, as a pure audio track, and being able to apply effects to them and such? If so, I think this is a good idea, but I’m pretty sure the only recording they’ll be implementing in the next while is sample recording… but I could be wrong about that

i think he’s talking about this:
thread: waveform overlay

bantai mentioned in another post that this most likely wouldn’t make it into the next release. i’m not even sure it’s in development.

The first implementation will, from what I understand, be a recording feature in the Sample Editor, that allows for recording into the currently selected sample slot during playback.

There was a poll in the backstage that had 2 or 3 different alternatives, i.e. recording in Sample Editor, with Meta Devices, etc. I can’t remember which option got the most votes.

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any time anyone mentions the word “paradigm”, it’s some form of propaganda.