View Presets

Alright, here’s a novel idea for the ‘view preset’ buttons.

The way they behave now is nice, but I hardly ever use all of them (just F1 to 4 really). So why not make them a per song setting (with a default setting saved into the default song) and add the ability to also remember VST view settings. So for example, when I press F5 these two VST’s would pop up (with viewposition remembered).

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WoW! I like that idea very much!
Hope it’s possible to implemeny easily.

Maybe it’s better to do as ‘alternative view presets’. To access with Ctrl+F1 … etc
But in other hand i also use only F1-F4 frequently and F5 rarely.
So the idea is great in my opinion.
Even if there will be only one F button to store view preset with VST and VSTi interfaces opened!

Anyone else support this idea ?

I’d support it as an extra feature to what we already have. You can save your own viewpresets, right? Being able to save the vst’s editors as well would be useful, but I have no idea what how much work this would take, and I’m sure there would be some kind of ugliness to be overcome.

gnute’s view I share

Well as far as I can tell it shouldn’t be too difficult to implement. Just make the view settings as they are now a per song setting, and have it also remember the vst’s that are open + the location they have on the screen.

I agree that it’s a bit of a kludge to have one set of keys for both renoise and vst’s, so maybe an alternative row of view settings that wouldn’t affect any renoise viewports but only vst’s.

I’ll say again. Even ONE special button (F8 for example) that remembers VST and VSTi’s open windows would be enough!
For example i have external EQ and Comp on master track and time to time need to set it up. I’ll press F8 and have all em open and ready to handle.
After that, i’ll press F1 and have pattern editor back. Wery useful

But if it really hard to implement and noone else realy want it…

It is I gues a good idea !!

Screen sets are used in sequencers such as Logic ect…

I love renoise just the way it is so I would consider this just an extra luxury

I don’t think anyone would be against this.
If it were to be added to the current save view presets functionality, you should be able to assign vsts to all the buttons you currently can.

I know I could use this, but as vsts seem to be the number one thing frelling Renoise up, this is were I predict problems. But what would I know.

+1 if it not hard to implement
but its save position but not view presets