Visiting Rauma Finland, October And November.

I’m visiting Rauma Finland in October and November.

I will be a babysitter for 2 months while my girlfriend does some work at an art residency.

We’re not really doing the tourist thing, as it’s difficult to travel with a baby, so we’ll be local to Rauma, which appears to be a relatively small town.

Collectively, we know English, French, and Japanese. Finnish , unfortunately no.

Any advice for us?

It’s hicksville. Stay away from drunken rednecks and don’t get stabbed.

Seriously, I’ll bet it’s a nice little town, never been there myself. People there speak some brogue, so that most likely won’t be like rest of the Finland speaks. I heard the wooden old town is pretty sight. Rauma is also famous from lace twiddling (no idea if that’s a correct term), so if you’re into making lace then you’re in heaven. ;)

Here’s towns web pages in english.
There seems to be some event’s there.

Hope this helps. :) I’ll bet you manage yourself fine speaking English. People might be embarrassed if they’re not so confident about their language skills, but that’s just how Finnish people are.

Anything special you need to know about Finland or Rauma?

Good for you for not knowing finnish, they speak utter nonsense at Rauma… its hardly finnish heh :wink:

Its a quiet small town… boring to say at least. Whether you enjoy your stay depends if you like small quiet towns… at least there’s sea … take boatrides ;)

Sounds like it’d be wise to go to, download the demo and get started with tracking. ;)

Hi guys, thanks for the advice. Keep it coming. :)

Right now, I’m particularly interested in how much sunlight there will be. I hear it’s “dark in autumn”, but I’m from Canada so it’s not like I don’t know what “north” is; but people keep warning me. Is it really that drastic?

Also, I just clued in that Future Crew is from Finland from yesterday’s YouTube post.

Good times.

Even though I’m not from Finland it’s pretty close (Sweden).
I would say the sun will be up between 07/08.00 -> 17/18:00, more or less.

You have to go further north to experience that the sun don’t quite rise.
On the other hand the sun don’t set during a couple of months during the summer :)

It’ll be just rainy… But I guess not much different from what you have in Canada?!

 You will be facing a switch from daylight saving time to normal time 31. October. Clock are turned from 4:00am to 3:00am at night, so you’ll have one hour more to sleep! Yay!

From this link you can see the daylight statistics and more weather information. Great link for travelers across the globe.


dont know anything about Rauma but i just moved couple weeks ago to Turku which is 100km from rauma.
Nice old city and worth of visiting, i think.
Also i just couple days ago bought my own house near center of Turku so if you’re coming let me know, you can stay night over at my place and i can heat up a sauna.

cheers, cAMEL

Jet lagged and a bit chilly, but so far so good.

welcome to phinland and hope you like your days.
not best timing to come here cos everything/body is depressed after summer but still…


Me too, but 9 months ago. Count me in if theres a sauna meeting :)

for sure.

Follow-up bump, the reason I’m here.

My wife’s project:

Some press, in Finnish, PDF format:

I’m the cheerleader. Go!