Vista, Dual Core, Quad Core


I’m in need of buying a new system to run Renoise and a lot of VST better. I’m thinking of buying a quad core (intel Quad Q6600, 4 cores @ 2400mhz) and guessed I should get Windows Vista for the optimal support, as I’m only having Windows 2000 right now :P

Anyone any ideas how Renoise and the VST will perform? Should I maybe consider some other setup instead?
Does anyone have dual or quad core already and how does it suit you with Renoise?

On a side note, I’ve only experienced Renoise on Win2000 and a p4 with hyperthreading, that you probably already guessed now, isn’t running too brilliant. It only uses one virtual core for renoise + VST loaded and this leaves 50% CPU resources to do (almost) nothing. Indeed I’m running without hyperthreading now and am aware hyperthreading isn’t the greatest thing with win2000. But this worries me if I am to run 4 real cores with vista, but still only one would get used for Renoise + loaded VST. That wouldn’t be worth the investment :P

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I’m guessing E6600 would be beter worth my money then quad Q6600, as multi core support is not implented, right?

Edit: now I wonder by how much E6600 would outperform my p4 3,2mhz without Hyperthreading. When using Renoise that is :?

Hmm I kinda posted the E6600 question in the other thread now… Might as well lock this one up?

Sorry for missing that other thread on the subject.