Vivace - Polderdub

Vivace - Polderdub

  1. Devilgrass
  2. Eddy
  3. Appeltje Eitje
  4. Strotyoghurt
  5. Jong Belegen
  6. Test Results (ft. MMD on guitars)
  7. Raskolnikov

This is my first EP as VIVACE. A whole new direction, a whole new approach and thus a new name’s in order.
I’m planning to print this release and send it around the globe, but I put it online especially for my hexfriends at
the renoise boards! A concept dubbed ‘polderdub’; a hybrid of electronica, house and dubstep. What?! No br34kc0r3?!
Not anymore. If you wanna know why, there’s plenty of ranting below. In the meantime, enjoy this release I put
together with Blood, Sweat, and Renoise.

This EP has been in the works for quite some time, but it’s finally done. Some explaination is in order, mostly because I want to.
I’ve always had the hots for musical intensity; I blame my ADD for my taste in high bpm’s and I have a predeliction for theatrical
drama because of all the teenage angst. This obviously had a major impact on the music I made. Excessive breakbeat manipulation,
it had to be faster, rougher, tighter… well, some of you know and I love you for it.

And then came reality. By god, how tired I suddenly grew of ripping breakbeats apart, of crack-injected grooves, of angry man’s
musical expressions… So what then? I didn’t like the music I was making anymore, not in the least actually. I managed to squeeze
myself in a box I created myself, yay! A box labelled ‘dramacore’. As a result, I was making music that had to ‘fit in with the rest’.
I was so busy making music for the box, I forgot to make music for me. I realising that, I pulled the plug and sat there, wondering
where the hell it went wrong.

Lucky for me, that was the easy part. Although I never stopped listening to whatever people call ‘breakcore’ and ‘drill&bass’, my
music of preference had slowely shifted. More and more vocal jazz, more and more house, dubstep… As addicted as I was to whatever
Venetian Snares was doing, I now found myself listening to She, Mr. Oizo, Hustle Athletics… That was suddenly so much closer to what I
wanted to do! Especially She opened up my ears and mind. I stopped wondering and locked myself in for months and months: time
for productivity. Vivace was born. The first output was the Jong Belegen demo-song. It’s included with this EP, spiced up ofcourse.
I’m aware of the compression overkill. But I love how it sounds. I’ll get better at mixing, eventually.

So yeah, that’s about it. BotB is dead. Long live Vivace!
Thanks for reading all this intravert bollocks! Enjoy!

Lik it a lot
care to share some xnrs files ?( to analyze the F…K out of it )

strotyoghurt sounds a lot like this ( don’ tknow if that’s a good thing or not )

Thanks! No, I think I shared enough sourcefiles to last my lifetime ;)

I currently have no sound, but I will check that vid out tonight…
I hope I didn’t do the accidental rip-off…? Strotyoghurt is just about
filthy sleazyness. But for laughs, Jong Belegen really sounds like this: :P

Yay! New Jordy project! Good on you dude :) … fitting one’s self into a box is amazingly silly. If you don’t enjoy making the music you’re making, then you’re making the wrong music.

It’s cool that the breakcore and drill’n’bass guys enjoy what they do, but I can rarely get enjoyment out of that kind of production… which is why I rarely do it. When my LP is finished, there’s probably going to be alot of repitition… alot of melodica… still alot of noisy percussion… but, hopefully, alot of things noone’s ever heard from the BYTE. It will nay be markettable, however, it will be something I can enjoy for many personal reasons.

Your slow download is almost complete :P … will listen as I work ;)

Yah, I know man… when I realised that, it was too late. Although I HAVE enjoyed making most of those tracks, which is why I shared the sourcefiles: output of a tracker enthousiast! Spending hours on getting all the hits exactly where you want them, all the detail, all the rhythm… lovely, good times…! But after awhile it wasn’t about that anymore, but about making music that would fit with the rest: the dramacore. This resulted in a writersblock so dense it was depressing. I’m glad I found myself again anyway, and I’m glad to see you guys are still interested, considering this music has nothing to do with anything I ever did before.

When’s your album done, BYTE?


Srsly? Haha. No fuckin idea.

Haha = true;

Congrats with the EP botb!
this sounds awesome, will check it out properly soon,
it deserves better speakers than these tinies here at work

i like this release a lot more than your previous stuff, i’ve heard. Jong Belegen - is genius and it is my favourite track here. Along the album some melodies are really touching and basses are speaking hypnotizingly! congratulations!


Glad you finally got out of the box, I’ve been waiting for this to happen. Dunno why, I just knew it would happen eventually. ;)

Will listen to the EP tomorrow. I’ll hook you up with my latest album as well.

Thanks guys!!

Dfast, I know I was making a drama up there, that’s what I do… but you make it sound like I just came out of the closet, or finally decided to get a mailorder bride ;)

Looking forward to your next album though, damn you’re productive! Still listening Planet Boogie on a regular basis.

I listened to this album several times yesterday. It’s fantastic.

I’m very impressed that you developed a unique signature style that seems to revolve around the LFO. The seven tracks go well together. Epic win overall.

Thanks for sharing!

This is inspiring me… I think I’m going to try to distort some dub bass and see what happens :P

good music jordy!
glad you’re happy.

I’m deeply impressed by your e.p.!!

I enjoy as much as I enjoyed your other stuff :)
And if you feel better with this style I only see a win-win situation here!

So… when are you gonna change your forum name?

Hail ya’ll, thanks so much for listening!! Glad to hear you guys dig it!! :D

Downloading the EP right now!

Interesting story by the way. I’ll keep calling you BotB though, I hope you don’t mind. It’s simply how I got to know you ;)


Shiiiiit. The king has returned to his throne!

Your other stuff was not completely my cup of tea, but still very enjoyable. This on the other hand really hits the spot! Appeltje Eitje is genius. Jong Belegen is my second favorite. Mix-wise there is quite some room for improvement. Don’t get me wrong though, it sounds very decent :)

Overall you made a huge leap in the right direction. Keep it up! :yeah:

you already know my opinion about jong belegen, but as i can’t stress it enough, here it goes again: it totally rulez the shit out of my booty!
but what i like most about the whole EP is the high degree of coherence throughout the tracks.

a job well done.

ps. less br****ore = more music. glad you made that step!

first impression: