Vocal Track


I think that it would be useful to add a new type of track in Renoise - a vocal track.
The idea is to allow play of a continous sample in addition to regular note tracks. Such an feature would be usefull especially in case of long unpartitioned vocal samples, which are not feasible for use.

Of course one can divide whole vocals in to seperates samples, generate a drum-kit (or so) and trigger them with notes, but it is not comfortable because of (at least) three things:

  • partitioning of samples is cumbersome and makes additional trouble when there is a need to reload vocal track into Renoise (e.g. modified in another program),

  • playing song parts between “vocal triggers” disallow vocal to be played at all,

  • triggering of notes is done in patterns, which affects pattern sequence; imagine following example:

01 TrackA it is the first verse, lalala
02 TrackB
03 TrackC
04 TrackC
05 ChorusA lalala, it is dull song
06 ChorusB lalala, it is dull song
07 TrackA it is the second verse, lalala
08 TrackB
09 TrackC
0A TrackC
0B ChorusA lalala, it is dull song
0C ChorusB lalala, it is dull song

Because different verses should be triggered in 01 and 07, TrackA have to be duplicated (which is unnatural for song structure)

Another way would be to somehow provide time information for VSTi plugins.
I can imagine an VSTi plugin possibly doing functionality described above, given information about current position (in SAMPLES!!!) inside whole song.
It could just play wave at positiong obtained from Renoise.
Maybe, some kind of a meta-device would work?

Renoise does that already, so while I like the suggestion, I really wonder…

… there HAS to be a freeware sampler VSTi that can do this??? Anyone? I will sound off when I come across something useful, I certainly share the need for it.

oh, I can nearly hear it! :lol:

There are probably more but i just use Rewire so i haven’t looked
XT and FLS should both do what you want though


An audio track eh? I’m surprised this hasn’t been suggested about a hundred times before.


Much insprired by hunz’ (still fantastic) album, I started doing some vocals directly in renoise. First I’m not a hardcore tracker and second I agree that a specialized approach could be useful.

Still with trigger sample offset (09xx) at the first line of patterns you can make a long sample play on every pattern in the song. Also I found it quite easy to copy/paste bits between takes using snap to 1/8 (or so) in the sample editor.

NB: When the song’s in a stable state, I’ll announce it here, looking forward to hearing comments from die-hard trackers :slight_smile:



could you point me to the best thread regarding this feature so that I can pin it?

instead of stickying one feature request, maybe it is better to create a sticky topic like: ‘most requested currently unavailable features’ or something,…

…also incorporating other requests like…pianoroll, automatable loopmarkers, beatslicer (lol), audiotracks, count in and what not?

Quite true, but please notice that 09xx is VERY inaccurate. When using few-minute long vocal tracks it is impossible to set exact offset value.
MAYBE one day we will get more precise “09xx” but currently it is not available.

Moreover, triggering breaks song structure, as I have mentioned before.

“copy/paste bits” approach is good as long as you don’t modify the track OUTSIDE renoise. For example, pitch/intonation corrections etc.

Do You mean “getTimeInfo()” method which Renoise provides (as a Host) to VST plugins?

Even if so, still using plugins disallow embedding of the vocal track INTO Renoise song.
And I don’t really like having vocals outside of the song module.

This one’s pretty comprehensive: http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?sho…hl=Audio+Tracks

thanks, it is now pinned. Let’s hope this will help taking the discussion focused and organized as it has been for piano roll, XRNI and arranger.