Void Pointer Ft Jæde - Stuffed Animals

Hi there, here is my new tune :)


Lyrics written and sang by the lovely Elizabeth. Bass and Synth coming from a Korg MS2000br. Everything mixed and sequenced in Renoise! :)


P.S. Vocals recorded on a laptop mic (so not at home), there might be a re-record session in here soon. Also, this is our first serious collab :)

Enjoy! :drummer:

Noone? :(


Kickass track btw :) … has it gotten any radio play yet?

very cool. I love the bassline.
quality, creative work. :D


I think its a really good song done well

seductive bassline. great track guy!

one of the coolest basslines of all time :) really love it!

yeah, cool track

oh man that’s so good! that bassline is so yummy.
you just know when you hear a melody or bassline that’s just made for a certain sound or synth or something.

cracking! :panic:

:yeah: Very nice track.

the bassline is truely awesome and the actual tune isn’t any worse.
very well produced with a very lush sound to it.

Extremely cool song. I recently got a mail from a label a&r who wants to sign house-artist. Maybe you want to contact him. Drop me a mail and I can forward you the details. :)

That’s some really tight shit. I heard it on suva’s podcast. The bassline is absolute killer and somehow reminds me of Metro Area.

good work, i like this stuff! i enjoy the combination of the rather heavy bass and the thin (in a good way) vocals you got there.

would be very exciting to do a remix of this… let me know if you’re on the lookout :)

Not at all my cup of tea, but what a sound man… my golly…!!
Muchas restecp for the mix!

Heehee thanks for all the kind words! :panic:

Denim: Check your inbox ;)

The vocals could use a better mic for sure and not so sure on that reverb… how about using a bit less? I’ve always hated the overuse of reverb, which occurs mostly with vocals. Then again, I’m listening with a laptop, so I can’t say much about the mix. But yeah, the song itself doesn’t really appeal to me. But I love MS2K. :)

Hmm, I guess it’s a matter of taste. The vocals don’t really have that much reverb on them, except in the break where it’s used to build up tension. :)

Hey, it’s always a matter of taste. :)

Uhhh, what’s that supposed to mean? :P