Volume Controlled Lfo

In reference to this topic: https://forum.renoise.com/t/erm-i-sort-of-figured-out-sidechaining-if-you-have-the-time/21009

This post made me think. I draw my ‘side-chain’ manually. Good enough for now. But how about this:

Create a meta device with audio input.
Set a minimum and maximum volume threshold in dB.
The meta device will create an LFO based on the audio input between the min and max thresholds.
You can narrow the lfo’s range with a percentage button or whatever to increase it’s flexibility.
The generated lfo can be assigned to a certain parameter as the regular lfo can.
And an invert LFO button would be nice too to create the opposite effect :).

Such a feature would most definately have a LOT of creative purposes. Volume controlled filters, side chaining, pitch. Whatever!!
And compared to regular side chain vst’s this would probably be very CPU efficient as well :)

Like this (msPaint ftw):

The plug-in you have suggested here is called a sidechaining metadevice! It is not a substitution to sidechain but nearly itself. :)

I would call it an “Amplitude metadevice”, instead, since the usage of such a device would be much more than simple sidechaining.

however, since this device has been discussed multiple times already, I have to clear out again that, as devices design currently is, an “Amplitude metadevice” would not be good for sidechaining: currently, metadevices parameter values are updated once a tick; this is fair for everything involving non-audio signals (MIDI automation, for example), but it is not suitable for audio. A good “Amplitude metadevice” should have an update rate directly related to the audio output frequency.

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Was just going to say that this is a sidechaining-device but I wasn’t quick enough and evidently I was wrong too. I have been thinking of this for a time and this is what I was trying to come up with… didn’t succeed with the thinking though.

I think it is an interesting device anyway.

Exactly :)

I didn’t know about the update frequency. I guess you’re right. That’s a bit of a bummer. However having an Amplitude metadevice that updates a bit less than preferred is better than having none at all imo :rolleyes:

Are automation commands updated more often than once per tick / interpolated between ticks? If not I’d most definately love this plugin because it would be somewhat the same as drawing an lfo type automation by hand. Only simpler and more flexible :)

Did anyone actually made attempts to experiment with the current velocity device?
It is ofcourse not really the same, but possibly certain effects can be achieved with it suiting your needs.

Automation commands are interpolated on ticks, LFO’s envelopes go deeper than ticks.

If you want a certain interpolation with a higher integrity than ticks, use the custom draw mode in the lfo and use that as a sort of automation frame.

Thought so. That’s what I’m doing right now :). Thanks.

Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t the metadevices affect only other units in the same DSP chain? How would you affect another channel’s effects or parameters to do sidechaining with it?

Wrong. You can assign the regular LFO to the track to the channel settings as well (the first box in any dsp chain :))

Not wrong - he’s talking about another channel.

I’d personally be fine with an “average peak volume per tick” metadevice until the tick resolution limitation is resolved. At least it would allow for some simple, yet still somewhat slick parameter automation.

Oh, hmm shiat. This means renoise isn’t capable of such a function for now. Well, the amplitude controlled filters are still possible if the synth automation device is in the same channel. So it could still have some purpose. But no side chaining :(.

You’re idea of the average per tick sounds good :).