Volume Echo

I apologize for my English.

I beg, it appeals, I ask about function Volume Echo.
To see mighty I in Med Soundstudio.
It lacks me her very in Renoise.

Sample xrns:
My link

not all have med,could you include a sound file??

He (she?) included a Renoise .xrns song file as an example :)

Anyway, this feature request is pretty silly. If you want a delay/echo sound, then use Renoise’s Delay device. If you specifically want this ‘oldschool’ style tracker delay/echo, which sounds the way it does due to being forced to cram as much as possible into the limited number of tracks available, then I guess this is probably a task for Renoise 2.6 scripting to replicate the MED feature.

In the meantime, you’ll have to do it manually.

Jups, this is indeed a simple challenge for the script-department.

It thanks for interest with subject.
He was propeled also in this place:

Function this have neither part nor lot in Delay / Echo DSP.

“Jups, this is indeed a simple challenge for the script-department.”
I think also so.
Someone will create such promissory note maybe ?.. please… :(