Vote For New Features!

When you can vote for new features in BackStage area???

PianoRoll, Arranger, RNI Structure ecc. ecc.


It’s also pretty cool to be suprised by features in the next version.
I’m pretty sure that TakTik allready knows what the community is begging for ;)
(arranger, arranger, arranger)

user defined offsets
modular routing

here we go again.

yes. audiotracks! :)

Flux capacitor!!!



So the feature voting has begun in this topic…:

I’d like the creation of an effect command that, when inserted into a track, sequences an entire underground chart-topping breakcore/dubstep crossover track that will be remixed by Richard D. James, name-dropped by Andre 3000, and make me millions of dollars. Then the same effect command will produce a Bjork album and throw snowballs at Venetian Snares while I take a nap. Oh, and maybe it will also open for Orbital at a reunion show after they’ve broken up and reunited 5 more times. And encourage Boards Of Canada to make a new album. And cure world hunger. Okay, bye.

+1, anyone?

Dude, it’s a good point, no need to mock it? Ever since I bought Renoise the backstage area promises there will be feature voting, it never happened.


amiga version ( morphos2/amigaos4 ) :yeah: i’m dreamer, i know …


with better routing we can do sidechaining.

You’ve been here longer than me and I’ve seen (although just missed) Backstage voting so I find that hard to believe.

pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n pr0n

if pr0n gets implemented, please also implement pr0n mode and a shortcut to quickly switch it off

“pr0n mode” sounds like a new Power Ranger move

At the same time, I find this feature voting kinda pointless anyway, cause most of the features get in because of voting and ideas in Renoise forums. Why do we need the backstage voting anyway? :P

To have a better overview of which features are important for how many people.
Besides, the backstage is for registered users only, unlike this forum.

You are right.
The voting was postponed because what was implemented took a lot of time yet will probably not being interpreted as spectacular by most ordinary users.

The question was layed out early July who would start this part, the answer of one of us came back on July 3rd:

I have no idea if it is feasable to start the voting during the holiday season or wait until most folks are back home again to consider giving the voting some attention.

Will this be from the moment they have logged on since the voting got introduced or from the moment the voting got opened?