Vst And Cpu Usage

Sorry if this has already been addressed and if it has, a link would
be awesome!

I had a question if there was any known issues with vsts and vsti’s.
I’m runnning a quad core phenom II at 3.2 GHz and some of the plugins I use
take up 30% of my processor with all four cores enabled. When I use reaper it
uses only about 3% or 5%. This is also running at the same latency settings
and sample rates with my soundcard. I have this problem with the new 2.5 RC
and had issues with the older 2.1 full version as well. The usage seems also
to swell when playing something like an instrument where it will start out using
about 10% and then after a couple seconds goes up to 20%. This also does not
happen in reaper.

I’m using vista 64bit home


Is this using the meters in Renoise/Reaper or the ones in Task Manager?

every plugin, being it an instrument or an effect, has a little “?” button on its Renoise panel, click it in the panel of the plugins with which you are experiencing problems, and please test if changing the default configuration improves the performances, expecially by enabling “use static buffers”.

if so, please tell us with which plugins you solved your problems with this approach

This was looking at reaper’s and rewire’s meter, not task manager.

I also seems to have problems with multicore usage on a blank project.
When I switch to one core renoise with one core will use like .5% but when I
turn on quadcore it will jump to 2%. Is this normal? This is a project with
no instruments or vsts or vsti’s.

Regarding the Multi Core CPU usage, see Multicore Faq please

I don’t know what reapers CPU meter shows, but Renoise does not add noticeable overhead to VST processing. When comparing CPU usages in various hosts, don’t use the hosts internal meters but the OS meters like the taskmanager on windows. Also make sure you are testing with the same sample rate and buffer sizes in various hosts. Both do have a lot of impact on how much CPU is needed to run them.

As IT-Alien said, a few plugins might also perform better when enabling the “static processing buffer” option in Renoise. This rareyl happens with a few plugins only though… See http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/VST/AU/LADSPA_Effects please on how to setup those options.

Ya I checked out reaper and renoise usage in task manager. When using these, it will start out at one
percent and then jump up to 10% and 20%
usage and then it cycles over and over again.
I also noticed at one of the instances of svchost is hogging up a lot of cpu and have yet to check more
into that.

well I have an amd so I don’t have
hyper threading. Any ideas on why
enabling all four cores will increase
the cpu usage to about 4%?