Vst Delaying Audio

So, when I insert some VSTs on a single track (like iZotope Ozone 3 vst) the audio output on that track has a bit of a delay on it messing up the synch of drum hits.
While I could just render to sample and trim off the gap, it would be even lovelier if this could be solved

Please search the forums next time, I’ve seen this discussed hundreds of times.

Free solution for Windows users:

OS X users like myself are shit out of luck. Linux users, chime in?

Originally this thing works like this:

  1. Plugin reports it’s latency
  2. Program computes the latencies of all plugins in chains and finds out which chains need compensation.
  3. Program matches the latency by adding latency to other channels.

In linux world with ladspa plugins this works exactly like described unless some plugin is broken and it fails to report it’s latency correctly.

I haven’t seen any plugins doing that, but in case they do, there is also a special “latency compensation plugin” called “Artificial Latency” which fixes the issues. The plugin is included with some standard plugin package, not sure which one exactly.

Whoops, very sorry, I scanned through a few pages and couldn’t find anything.

Thanks for this. :ph34r:

may be this?


how do you actually use it? instert this plug to every track and then try to even out? its quite pain in ass imo

Keith303 posted a tutorial on “how to use it” here:


Check it out!

ok thanks, will check it out