Vst Directories/suggestion

I can’t figure out at the moment if Renoise is capable of recursively scanning vst folders.

So let’s say I want to organize them in different folders like:

vst dir
instruments dir
sample player
drum player
wav player
mp3 player

like this.

And I’d like to add more than 2 vst directories to renoise. Maybe unlimited? or at least something between 5 and 10?

Another very good feature would be a “prev/next” button for the vst instruments.

I guess these would be only small changes (except of the 1st one maybe?) and would help a lot I guess.

I would love this feature becuase i hate how the VST’s are sorted by alphabetical order. I would much prefer it if my vst’s could be sorted into directories like cubase sx does!

Is is able to recursively scan directories. But currenty the VST(i)'s are just displayed alphabetically in Renoise.

As far as I know some sort of “organizing” the bunch of DLLs was already mentioned and should be included in the next version but I am not sure about that…

Man if they do that for the next version i’ll be so happy. I can’t wait untill the next version its gonna be the shizznit!!

:also crosses fingers:

A “frequently used” vst section would also be great!!! With the ability to manually add and remove vst effects from this list, of course.

still, about 90% of all known VST(i)s can be renamed … just rename the .dll file. I renamed my most used dll files to _*.dll, so they are at the top of the list. Its still a pain to work with a long list though.

I continue to see mention of VST management.

I don’t know what this normally consists of in music making software, but I think what would be ideal is something that is similar to a bookmark in say firefox.

Lets say for example you wanted to place all of your “organ” sounds in one tidy area.

You could select the vst, browse until you find the preset that interests you, and then can add a link to this exact preset with XYZ vst.

Then you can select your intrument/vst browser/bookmarks and you will see a subdir that says Organ (or whatever) with that preset appearing within that subdie along with the other organs you bookmarked.

Is something like this possible to integrate? The current system doesn’t cut it. I am just going to resort to going through each VST and writing everything down for now, but seems rather silly to have to resort to such an archaic process.

Would be a REALLY nice way to organize our VST instruments/presets to keep track of all of the sounds we have… Just a thought.