VST FX Alias vanishes when dragged into a doofer - why?


VolumShaper4 and Fabfilter Pro-C2 for example can be triggered via MIDI to achieve a ducking effect.

However, their VST FX Alias vanishes when draged into a doofer.

Steps to reproduce look like this:

  1. get the VolumeShaper4 trail (http://www.cableguys.com/volume-shaper.html)

  2. open renoise

  3. new song

  4. add VolumeShaper4 to any track (no configuration needed for this purpose)

  5. now add the VST FX Alias for VolumeShaper4 to the instrument list on the right

  6. add an empty doofer

  7. drag the VolumeShaper4 into the doofer

Expected results:

The VST FX Alias for the plugin should remain visible, and the alias instrument (created in step 4) should remain in the instrument list on the right.

Actual results:

The VST FX Alias becomes invisible and the instrument created in step 4 vanishes.


I’ve tested this in 3.1 b6 with VolumeShaper4 and Fabfilter Pro-C2.

Why did I want to place them in a doofer in the first place? Because I wanted to automate parameters beyond 1Zxx from within the pattern editor, and this way I can automate the doofer parameter instead. Workaround is using an Instrument Automation for the Alias. Doofer would be more flexible though.

Hello. Everything inside a dofer can no longer be reached outside of the doofer. This was done on purpose, so this is working as expected.

See also https://forum.renoise.com/t/target-tracks-using-meta-from-inside-doofer/45021 and https://forum.renoise.com/t/allow-send-devices-in-doofers/44970 for discussions why or if doofers should behave differently.

ah ok didnt know that.