VST "name" doesn't let me load Instruments - Fixes?

So I’m about to collect a ton of Renoise project files to prepare an album. However, some of these tracks were made a few years back meaning there were different plugins used, different versions of the plugins and, worst of all, a big portion was made before I made the switch to Mac.

So now I’m trying to load tracks where I can’t get my Serum presets to load. Not due to version incompatibility, but because the song is trying to load “Serum_x64” and not just “Serum” which it for some reason is called on my Mac… seemingly. It’s been the same issue with other VSTIs and effects as well. Cause I can’t really extract the vsti settings in any way and the name of the preset doesn’t tell me which changes I’ve made.

So the fix I want to try now is finding a way to either edit the “name” of the VSTs on my MAC just to be able to collect the presets or to edit the names on the Renoise project files so it loads the right version of the plug. Anyone know how to do this or if there are better fixes?

Search a bit in the forum, there are posts about changing the plugin identifier inside the Renoise song.xml and - if you did not use automation on a VST effect - you also can use the copy-paste-xml buffer of Renoise.

For really incompatible version updates, you can often install multiple versions side by side on macos, then you will have to rename the .vst (and I think also to change the id in the Info.plist inside the .vst) and then patching the song.xml accordingly.

Appreciate it lots, man. Was searching but didn’t know the proper keywords until I read your comment. I’ll keep looking now. Also I had done that info.plist thing before, I just completely forgot what the list was called so thanks for reminding me.

Hopefully this gets me closer to fixing this

That worked like a CHARM! Thanks bud

All I did was

  1. Copy the instrument from the instrument list
  2. Paste it into textedit
  3. cmd+f to find everything that said “Serum_x64” and make it just say “Serum”
  4. Copy all that and paste it into the instrument list as a new instrument
  5. Get back to finishing this album
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