Vst Plugin Help - Not Opening

okay everyone, i apologise but i got a really noobish question to ask. but i’m so stuck and i’m not sure what to do about it. i use renoise 2.5.1

i’ve downloaded some VST plugins (camelphat and blockfish) for renoise, but i can’t seem to install them or even open them by dragging them into the application?
i’ve edited the plugin preferences by ticking the boxes of my library to allow the vst plugins to open. also i download both audio unit (AU) and vst versions of both freeware but none of them seem to be opening?
help please? i was directed to here for help by the dubstepforum.

PPC or Universal binary plugins?
You mention they are Freeware plugins, they also might be a bit dated.
If those are PPC, you won’t be able to run them in Renoise above 1.5.2 though. That was the last PPC version of Renoise.

This is just plain wrong.

Renoise is a Universal Binary, this hasn’t changed, even in version 2.6

A Universal Binary means that there are two compiled versions in the .app package. One for Intel, the other for PPC.

If you run Renoise on a PPC (G4/G5) then PPC plug-ins will work, without hacks. If you run Renoise on Intel, then PPC plugins will not work (unless you hack them with Rosetta)

The same applies for a plug-in. a plug-in can be PPC, Universal, or Intel. The definition of Universal is that in contains both PPC/Intel in the package.

A major misunderstanding on my site yes.

1.5.2 was the last ppc only version then and i mistakenly considered that the only version being able to read PPC plugins.
A pity i wasn’t corrected for this earlier since i have stated my mistake several times before…