Vst Plugins Compare Tool

I got pretty strange request, and hope someone could help me with that…
Coz the problem is pretty annoying!

so, i got more than 2500 VSTs, and since windows reinstallation i also got my problems to ‘sync’ all the plugins from my PC to laptop and otherwise…

So what exactly i’m asking for?
It’s some tool, that can get info about installed VSTs (for example at least some kind of text report) and than i need some comparsion tool, which could find all the mismatches, so i can easily define missing or needed to update plugins etc…

Yeah, it’s not actually renoise thread (or i may missing some rns abilitys), but i need help with that anyway, and i hope that i’m not alone here about it!
Thank you.

i guess you could make some use of this one:

I have created a little context menu on my PC so that I can right click on any folder and create a text file of all the files contained within. This may of of some use to you. Can’t remember exactly how to do it off hand but if you search for “Print Directory Listing” in Google you should be able to find it easy enough.

Or boot up a Linux Live CD and it’s very easy to display/print the context of folders.

Recursive is slightly harder though, so if your VST folder is sorted you may have to adjust things slightly…

Thx for yyour reply, but it’s not a huge problem to list, but compare list of plugins from PC to laptop…
Maybe you know some good tools, besides eyes? :D
coz it’s too many…I also use to categorize plugins in folders by dem threats, so it’s not about 1 folder with name sorting + inside each plugins, folders could possibly dismatching etc, so i need a lil automation in such kind of processes)
Thx a lot man, this tool is really helpfull, respect!
So if i’ll search the configuration dialog for my VST folder, scan and then open the .cfg with notepad - i got the list of my .dll’s, right?
And if i will have 2 lists from 2 PCs how can i compare them? Do you know any possible tools that will highlight the dismatches in 2 files?

Renoise says when a plugin that isn’t installed and though is used in a song…
Only install the plugins you ever used, perhaps?

I can’t imagine you use all those 2500 vst’s? What a ridiculously big amount is that anyways. oO

You cannot possibly need or be using 2500 vst plugins. Take this opportunity to rethink and focus on a few instead of thousands. The time you save simplifying even choosing your tools you can put to use making some music.

No, it’s called “.cfg” by purpose and holds the configuration of XRNS ListVST. Set your VST paths and let it scan for plugins, then open a supported file like a demo song from Renoise, the “Export” button will be enabled now, press that one and you have a comprehensive list as text file, edit out any infos you don’t need.

Any better text editor has such function, for example the free PSPad under “Tools -> Text Differences”.

My happines that i can imagine! :ph34r:
70% of them definately used in all of my projects at all and it’s high rate that other 30 will be used in near future, if you have doubt on this case - check out my myspace :drummer:
It could be even more, coz i’m update all the setup frequently or otherwise come to previous more stable versions, etc, so i need to keep it clean and synced.
I take your advice, but i think that this is my style of thinking and music-making, windows reinstallation is not so every-day task anyway.
But keep up the new plugins or edit old - is easy task for me, so…
Oh, now i see!

That’s exactly what i needed!
Now i have definately sure that plug’s are synced on 100%, coz i found some mistakes + this type of logs could define version of plugins, this is VERY helpfull too!

Thx to you and keith303 for such a great utility!
I think my task is solved, hope it helped someone too…

For the syncing thing, i adore Dropbox.