VST Random Amount

Hi. I love having the random button on all of my vst instruments in renoise but is there a way to adjust the degree of randomness applied? By default its a very small increment.

imho… If nobody has answered you by now, than people are not quite sure what the question is.

  1. The random function you speak of, is that on a specific vst? Can you please name the vst’s you are talking about. Not all vst’s have a, “random,” buttom, and I do not recall anything in Renoise that can be used to design a, “random,” patch on a VST.

  2. If you are unhappy with, “random,” perhaps press the button again? <_<

@ the TS not natively, but check this tool:

Renoise provides a Random button at the bottom of every single vst instrument and effect that is loaded. Your advice of just pressing the random button again suggests that you missed the whole point of this topic.

Perfect! Thanks so much.

I did not attempt a direct answer to your question. For the most part, I tried to clarify your question by asking you some questions, and in the same post, I proposed a secondary alternative. ;)

Read my post again… I said, “I was unaware of a random button.” Which I was… Some producers actually, “do not use random buttons, and would not even think about using them.” You had 46 views or something, and no replies… I just tried to help, but I fail to see where I provided an incorrect answer. I actually, asked for more information on your topic.



Your contribution to the topic reeked of arrogance and a general matter of fact, arsy attitude which offered no help or substance.

:huh: …harsh… I think you misunderstood 2dazej. But anyways, I never knew there was a randomize button in VSTs. Yay!

Perhaps don’t use smileys that behold sarcasm if you want to be interpreted as helpful. I suspect that one did it.

I think you are right. By the time I made my second post in this thread I probably should have taken a moment to, “rethink,” or not bothered at all. I take full responsibility, its been edited…