Vstfx need audio input

Pleeeeaaaaaaaaaase add this ! It’s so important for sidechain and other stuffs.
I love all the workflow improvements, but this is a serious problem, please fix it !

:)/> But congrats for the new release

vst fx can have midi input , just create a vst alias of the effect plugin…this alias should trigger the plugin .
Unless you mean something else , or do you mean it is broken in this release ?.?

Yes sorry and thanks, I knew this for the midi in fact haha, I just copy pasted some guy on the forum. Though for the audio input, we still have nothing… So no sidechain :(

Vst Fx aliasses are still created if you have the Vst Fx in the track DSP. For the instrument Dsp, no alias will be generated, perhaps Avalanche was aiming for that?

No, personally the aliasses fulfilled all my MIDI needs :)

Yes I concur with that ! Sidechaining compression/gating/expanding, dynamic equing, vocoding… So many plugs could use some extra audio inputs, this is really a feature I miss in Renoise that prevent me to use it too much. Please I hope this will be implemented ^^

No answer since long time… :) Is this feature planned ? Or forgotten ?

Hope the thread will got noticed.

Of course you can use the env follower, but then the sidechaining is highly dependant on the settings of the env follower device and not the logic that was implemented in the plugin.

E.g. it’s quite difficult to target the very first transients using the env follower. At least i couldn’t do this, I also tried prelook value, no change here. Is this a bug?

EDIT: yes please, sidechain / vst 2.4 multi input support!!!

No sidechain works pretty well with VST2. And beside sidechainning there is vocoding, and other stuff that could need extra inputs. Like multi-visualisers, multi-band-sidechaining, dynamic eq, etc…

Sidechain works fine with VST2, but you need to take care that the side-chain plugin is running natively and not bridged/sandboxed because these plugs need to be able to see eachother’s instances.

This needs to be pushed! For me its critical, because its the third time, that i can test a new vst fx in my currently favorite daw. Pleaseset a higher priority for this issue. I’m curios if this will be finally addressed with 3.1 :wacko: