Vsti Management

i know this has been discussed before, but as it drives me insane almost every session and appears to be something which won’t take much time to change, i felt the urge to post this again.

so my request is to finally enable the user, to sort, manage and structure the VST Effects tree individually.
this implies to be able to create/delete, name, re-name trees and sub-trees in order to move listed effects via drag&drop around.
currently everything is fixed to this:

wouldn’t it be nice to have it look like this instead?
(just an example, treenames could be individually chosen)

well, so my actual list is VERY long and its a true pain to search and find the respective effect out of such a large, unoverviewable list.
workflow is hindered in its current state.

please, dear devs - answer my prayers :unsure:

Check out how energyXT handles organizing VST plugins (both instruments and effects).

It works somewhat like the start menu in windows does.

Imagine click a button, and having several directories come up. These directories would correspond to how you have your actual vstplugins directory organized.

So you would have an “instruments” and “effects” directory, then further organized that way.

I just like the “start menu” way of doing it. If it were simply collapsable [+] lists that would be fine too.

yeah thats what we need… this one should have been implemented few releases ago… : /