Vsti phrase - automation

Trying renoise again,

Did this:

  1. Added phaseplant as a vsti instrument
  2. Created some silly notes in a phrase
  3. Added notes in edit track to play the phrase (so far so good)
  4. Wanted to control a parameter in phaseplant (mod wheel in this instance) so i:
    a) added an instrument automation to the track
    b) did a curve in the automation graph for the value

Result: Nothing, i.e. the parameter does not reach the plugin.

If I instead use the the track and enter notes directly (instead of using a phrase), it does work.

I have looked for workarounds, but, the tips seems to be aimed at controlling sample instruments through the macro knobs.

Is it possible to modify plugin vsti parameters from the automation “lane” when the instrument is only playing a phrase in the track?

Hi, looks like it’s indeed possible…

Usually, VST instruments are controlled with an instrument MIDI control effect as shown in this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1U1icSGNb8

Have you already tried it ?

Have not! I will! I only read something about it being “steppy”. I’ll give it a try and report. Thanks.

I just have checked in Renoise 3.4.3 and yes, it’s definitely possible. But I did exactly the same as you.

  1. Load a VSTi in an instrument slot
  2. Click on “Sampler” and create phrase by entering your VSTi notes
  3. Enter your phrase in the patterrn editor
  4. Add “Instrument Automation” to the track fx devices and select the instrument slot that contains your phrased VSTi in the Instrument Automation
  5. Select the desired function in Instrument Automation and create your automation

Result: It works as expected, the phrased VSTi is automated the desired way.
I just don’t know how to play the instrument normally again, it’s now always playing the phrase when you hit a key. Maybe some phrase fanatics can help out at this point. I’ve never used phrases. :slightly_smiling_face:

Zxx - Trigger phrase number xx (01 - 7E, 00 = no phrase, 7F = keymap mode).
  • Z00 to Off Mode phrase.
  • Z01 - Z7E to Program Mode phrase (if exist).
  • Z7F to Keymap Mode phrase (if exist).


Bxx - Play phrase backwards (xx = 00) or forwards (xx = 01).
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I must retry this then!

This do work, its a pity its values between 0-127, but it works!

It works, today!

Have no idea what i possibly did wrong :frowning:

Sorry for all your time.

yup, for some parameters it’s really annoying… But it allows connecting lfos and other stuff and sometimes it’s valuable. You can also control some samples parameters with it, it’s a nice plugin.

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