VSTi toolbar and keys missing

It’s not only Renoise, Cubase as well, but Certain VSTi’s I know that have added functionality within toolbars and virtual keyboards are missing those features. One that was made to use specifically with a hardware module I have is unusable since I cannot select the device for it to interface with as it was programmed to behave. Is this a general VST compatibility issue? I remember reading somewhere that despite Cubase making the VST platform Fruity Loops and other such programs made higher versions that others like Cubase were never made to be fully compatible with. Is this the issue or am I missing some obscure setting for the VST options?

Perhaps you are mistaking the plugins for their “Standalone” editions that offer such options?
Plugins inside hosts are left to the mercy of the host software to dedicate specific device connections to it. If it comes with a stand-alone executable application, then this SA shell is the host that provides you with the connections for the midi device. Ofcourse the manufacturers of the plugin can always deliver a custom made GUI that integrates much better with suitable controls and menus of their plugin than an outsider DAW like Cubase or Fruity Loops can, but it has usually no use for manufacturers to add a configuration menu where you can select midi devices because enumerating these options can only be done when they are provided by the system and plugins don’t get access to system resources if they are running inside a program.

Setting up your midi device can either be done in the generic Midi device preference tab of the preferences menu, or if you need to attach a specific midi controller to an instrument you can do that in the midi input panel of the chosen instrument.

Well, it’s a VSTi that is not acting as an audio generator, but a device controller.
Much easier than laying out a CC map every time I use the synth.
Here’s the run down. http://siemprelaluna.com/index.php?itemid=891#nucleus_cf
It does appear it’s being used as a standalone VST in the image, but instructions say to
use it in any DAW. Thanks for the response. I’ll keep poking with midi settings I must be missing something…

Awh crap, looks like this plug needs internal midi routing, Renoise does not yet support this. Yes, putting up a CC map is annoying if you have to do that everytime. However, you could create a custom template for Duplex that you can simply load everytime you need it. Then you only map the CC’s once and simply select your saved template. Duplex might not look as slick as the plugin, but it would do the job nevertheless.