Thanks to all the people on this board who have helped make renoise look less like a trig test and have helped me out with all of my beatslicing questions. :walkman: I have the hang of it now, now its just practice, practice, practice…
I am at a point where I want to construct some melody behind the beats I have made, what are some good free vst’s I can download. I’d really like some shenhai’s, sitar, different strings added to what I have made along with some piano etc…
Is there any way to play the sounds on the fly as the beat is playing or do I have to strictly input code and tweak it from there?
I had the most success making tracks with my drum machines just randomly holding down keys…

errr, nevermind. I found the pinned conversation with all the vst’s I need.

try Swar Plug VSTi for indian instruments like Sitar, Bansuri, Sarangi…

I am poor, something for free is best :)

Hey Damon, best of run a search on KVR mate, a ton of stuff accessible through there! M

Here are (I hope) some good ethnic Vsti’s.

Dash Signature
Try Knagalis - average, some presets are very good

Safwan Matni
Ethnic Intruments - kanun, nay, oud, zourna - various quality

Kvr-vst Forum
Especially Syntar is very good sitar.
There are some soundfonts (I don’t know the quality)

Vsti for playing soundfonts:
Download Sound Font Player
Unpack the soundfonts if necessary:
Download SfPack ‘n’ SfArk


God Bless You!

p.s. I went to a couple of these but I run a mac, some of these won’t work…
I got a copy of absynth and have been recording different sounds I’ve made and inputting them into tracks, that seems to be the best way for me to do this. So I guess I’d like to find somewhere that has good middle eastern samples or that I can record with like in absynth (maybe you can do this in renoise? I dont know how…)

There are two free ethnic instrument VSTs that I know of:
Mini DiZi and Mini Erhu. They’re not very realistic but you can tell they sampled the right instrument at least :) and there’s cool pitch controls you can use with them.


Is there a way to record the keys I’m pressing in the vst’s along with the beats I have going in the background? I’m new at renoise so it seems to me you have to just input everything, so I still dont fully understand the benefit of a vst besides being able to make different sounds etc…live as you go. thanks

you can play live when playing your track. just hit the rec button (esc), and you’ll get a red frame around the tracks. choose an unused track, select your vst instrument and start the track from the pattern you wish to record to. now you might miss the beat, but simply move the notes around when stopped with insert and backspace :)
also, check out kaneels video tutor ‘selection to sample’ if you need the soundfile instead of notes on your patterns.

is this understandable? hehe
good luck


ok, I think I got it a little bit. naturally half an hour before work. If I have any problems I will be back,
thanks again.

oh and p.s. I downloaded some vsts that are .dll, will that play on a mac?

ok, I loaded absynth, hit record but when I use the wheel to pitch bend that is not recorded, how can I get it to record that?

ooo, … i’m not sure how midi inputs work in renoise, as i don’t have a midi board myself. (but i have a korg in sight!)
anyway, … you should read up on midi inputs.

meanwhile, go to the sample recorder. record your riff / melody as a wav/flac and use the sample?
another solution is to hit up kaneels’ video tutorial (selection to sample).

basicly, you record your melody. take selection to sample, then pitch bend whatever note you want to bend with effectnumber 01XX and 02XX in the effectcolumn when using the sample you got from ‘selection to sample’ :)

how’s that workin out for ya?