Wanted: Dsp Effect Chains (native Effects Only!)

As we already have parameter templates for the native DSP effects, and there are some DSP chain templates available, there are still lacking a few chains for general purposes like vocals (male / female), specific instruments (Electric guitar, sax, piano etc.).
I have seen a few other threads suggesting posting of the DSP chain like this one:

The purpose is to add a good starting set for beginners.
If you have a good optimized DSP chain saved and are willing to share, post your link here.

There is only one rule:The effect-chains may only contain native effects.

How can one tell if a DSP chain is good…? Cause I’d be happy to share,
but what works for my basslines may be terrible for others’.

thats the link to a thread a made,but there wasent much interest i guess. :(

I don’t think it has to be all around solution. Maybe it would be beneficial to try to name it descriptively, more than Bassline1, Bassline2 etc.

Like Jungle SubBass Comp., DnB Lead Bass, Goa Mid Bass Synth, Soft Acoustic Guitar, etc etc. Isn’t it anyway about what kind of frequencies and dynamics your track has?

Renoise could have built-in DSP chain database index with tagging option. ;)

This already exists, if you click tyhe library button in the diskop and go to the DSP chain folder, you can find a few templates ready to go.
But the titles do not include some generic chains for known instruments and vocals, except one for an accoustic guitar.
Ofcourse, a DSP chain for a bassline may not work for everyone, but the more choices there are , the better the chances there is something that may work out.

Some way to describe the usage for each chain would indeed be useful.

Cool, I’ll do some snooping around in my files and see if I can find
something usefull to share.

Yes I did not mean factory provided dsp chains which are already there but an index of saved chains with tags describing their characteristics for easy search and usage. Maybe add these to saved chain files, they are XML too right?